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Snapshots of a few days away

on September 27, 2014

We headed back to our old stomping ground for a few days so we could catch up with friends and family and because the kids miss their friends too. We stayed in a 100 year old beach house that we have booked before, with plenty of room for us to spread out and be comfortable. Mr 18 stayed here in Scone due to work commitments, which was handy as it meant we didn’t have to get the mail held or organise for the dog to be fed and it meant there was someone actually staying here in the house.

Some photos of our time away:

1. Memorial wall at Kiama, they had just finished it and removed the barriers when we took this pic.

memorial wall kiama

2. Bek & John in their kitchen in their GORGEOUS new home! Wonderful hospitality here.

Bek & John

3. Picnic at Little Park, Shellharbour.

Shellharbour picnic

4. Most of the kids at the picnic. One family had gone already. *Pics used with permission – not all these families have an online presence*

all the kids ready

5. Turtle in the pond at Tang’s Chinese Restaurant Shellharbour. Ray & I used to go there on Friday nights when we started dating way back in 1990.

turtle at tangs chinese restaurant

6. Liam & Megan checking out Carrington Falls.

carrington falls

7. View from Jamberoo Mountain Lookout. So pretty! I keep saying how beautiful the countryside is here in the Hunter, this is just as breathtaking. And green!!!!

view from lookout

8. Garden in Memory of Children at Benedictine Abbey, Jamberoo.

garden of memory at the abbey

9. Driveway, leaving the Abbey. Last time I was here the day was drizzly and misty. Beautiful and calming with or without the rain.

driveway at the abbey

10. The Three Musketeers! Myself, Bek & Tanya, taken in the kitchen of the beach house. *Photo used with permission – not everyone in it has an online presence*

the three musketeers

11. Crazy kids! *Photo used with permission – not everyone in it has an online presence*

funny faced kids

12. Enjoying the massage chairs at the shopping centre.

massage chairs at the square

13. Megan and Grandad (my Dad) at his local Bowling Club.

Megan with Grandad at Woonona Bowling Club

14. Daddy and Daughter moment. It took several attempts to get a serious pic, too many funny faces.

Daddy & daughter

15. Opa’s ground. Ray’s Dad. Been gone 10 years this Dec.


16. Opa’s plaque. The next four plots along were names that we recognised. I photographed them too but haven’t put them on here as they are not my family.

Opa placque

That is just a fraction of our time away. We were busy living it, not so much taking photos of it. And what a fabulous and relaxing time it was.



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