the huntered housewife

our family life, our way

About Me

Welcome to the huntered housewife. 

I’m Karen. Wife, Mother, Friend, Techno Idiot and Household Logistics Manager.

I’ve been married to Ray for 20 years & he still makes me laugh. We have 3 children. Zac (17), Liam (10) and Megan (5). They also make me laugh. And they all drive me bonkers. But I love them anyway.

2012 saw us move from the Illawarra to the Hunter Region, a result of Ray taking on a new job. So we’ve gone from the coast to the country.

I dream of having a tidy and organised home, with a place for everything and everything in its place. With beautiful decor. That never gets dusty.

I dream of being more techno savvy.

I dream of having an endless supply of green tea.

I dream of being fit (and 30kg lighter than my current weight).

I dream of many things, but let’s not tackle too much at once.

My blog is about us doing our things our way. You may do things differently and I’m okay with that. If we were all the same, life would be boring.

You are welcome to disagree with how we do things. You are welcome to tell me that you disagree. But you are not allowed to be nasty about it. (Not that you would of course, but sometimes rules need to be put into place).

I will be working with PR Companies and Brands, so sometimes you will see posts for which I have been compensated in some form. I will always disclose if I have been compensated. I am honest in my opinions, they can’t be bought. Unless you are offering a few million bucks. Then I will consider it. Sometimes, in a post, I will mention products or brands that I have reason to mention. That’s just conversation, not a compensated post. It’s all getting a bit technical now. Pretty sad that I feel I need to justify mentioning a brand in case people think it’s an ad. But that’s the way of the current media market.

If you followed me over from my former blog rambling mum, I thank you. That means you still want to know me – yay!

If you are a new reader, welcome. I hope you enjoy what you find.

If you are a PR Company or a Brand interested in working with me, please refer to my Media Page.


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