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Pics from inside our house!!!!!

on September 26, 2014

After being away for almost a week, one of the first things we did when we returned was to check out where our house is up to.

Just as I suspected, none of this week’s work is visible from outside the construction fence. Fortunately the tilers were onsite and hard at work and they were happy for us to wander in and to show us what they were doing. They are certainly fast workers. They started yesterday and reckon they will be finished tomorrow. They are waiting for the main floor tiles to arrive so they can get stuck in. They’ve done the rest.

Our kitchen benchtop has been installed. In the photos it looks green but that is the protective coating to ensure it isn’t damaged whilst there is so much activity going on around it. It is actually a light colour (creamy) with a fleck through it.

Here are today’s photos……..

1. Taken from the rumpus room, looking along the hallway towards the open room. The tiler is showing Ray what he’s been doing. The wall way at the far end is the kitchen cupboards.

Hallway inside

2. Skirting boards, this pic is in the rumpus room.

Skirting in the rumpus room

3. Bathroom. This room has underfloor heating, which will be fabulous in our cold winter weather. Our feature tiles have a swirly pattern.

kids bathroom

4. Kitchen, taken from pantry doorway. The benchtop has a green protective plastic film on it. There is a walkway to the left of the window that goes to the laundry – see next pic.

kitchen from the pantry doorway

5. Taken from near the kitchen window – the doorway on the left in this photo is my walk in linen and the space on the far wall (between the cupboards and the sliding door) is where my washing machine will go.

from kitchen to laundry

6. Kitchen, looking towards the pantry. The white cutout in the island bench is where the microwave oven goes and the brown cutout is where the dishwasher will go. That leaves the gap on the right (against the wall) for the freestanding oven and rangehood.

kitchen towards pantry

7. Open plan family, dining, kitchen. Taken from family room end.

kitchen from family room

8. Tiler working hard in our ensuite.


9. Looking from the garage into the laundry.

laundry from garage

10. Garage. The open door is to the laundry, the closed door is to the back yard.

garage to backyard door has been painted

11. Daily pic from across the road. Who would have thought there was so much going on inside???

daily pic from across the road

After the tilers have finished, the carpenters and painters will come back in. The plumbers and electricians will have to return to put in the taps and power points and light switches and whatever else they need to do. And the carpet should be one of the last things to be done.

I don’t remember seeing anything in the contract about a television aerial, so I must look that up. If it’s not supplied it will have to go on our list of things to buy, along with a clothesline, which we know is not part of our package.

The real estate agent we rent through rang today as our lease is expiring in a couple of weeks and they are aware we are building and just wanted to see where we are up to.  I told them our builder said that in a week or two it will be nearly finished, but we are not sure how long “nearly finished” means. Our rent is paid in advance until the end of October and they are happy to take it week by week after that. So that’s great for us. I’ll let the agent know as soon as I have any dates to bandy about. Because they will need to advertise for new tenants. Landlords don’t like empty investment properties.

So there you have it. You are as up to date as I am.

Let you know when there’s more to show and tell!



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