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Etiquette at performances and movies

Today I would like to talk about something other than food. I would like to talk about manners and etiquette.

The following is part of the definition of etiquette from dictionary .com

[et-i-kit, -ket]
conventional requirements as to social behaviour; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

I was raised to be someone who is polite and considerate of others and know how to behave in social situations. To have etiquette.

Take today for example. We went to watch Disney on Ice, a live show on tour at the moment. You are probably all familiar with it, possibly having seen this tour or a previous tour. “We” in this case means myself, Mr 22, Mr 15, Miss 10 and Miss 10’s friend who we will call Miss 11 because she recently celebrated her birthday. So off we trotted, found our seats in the second last row (great view from any seat in a smaller venue than a big city’s entertainment centre) and I made sure to sit the two girls in front of the children in the back row so none of the adults were blocking the view of the young chaps behind us. The Mum was very thankful when I told her that I wouldn’t sit an adult in front of her kids. When I go to shows or even movies I make sure my hair is either in a low ponytail or not tied up so that I don’t have a high pony tail or my hair piled on top of my head blocking the view of someone sitting behind me. I ask the person behind me if they can see. Isn’t that simply called having manners or being considerate?

So anyway, things started really well. As I mentioned, it really doesn’t make much difference where you sit in a venue of this size with the stage set up of this how – the venue is small enough that you can see the whole stage anyway. Usually.

This is the view I started the show with:

Disney opening

We were halfway along the stage and could see the entire performing area.

Until halfway through the first half and this happened:

Tall Man sat in front of me

A tall dude sat right in front of me.

The seat that had previously been occupied by a small child. I don’t know if this guy was just late or if he had moved from a different seat, but he sat there to help  his wife with the kids. Yay – good husband award. He had a youngster on his lap – they are her piggytails that look like lumps either side of his neck in the photo. And a child sitting on the seat on his right.

I understand that he is tall. I understand that he had to sit somewhere. He paid the same amount for his ticket as I did for mine – he is entitled to see the show. But so am I. If you are tall and going to sit in front of me, at least try to sit still so I can look around you. That is etiquette. That is being considerate of those around you. That is called behaving in a socially acceptable manner.

Leaning in to talk to your wife every single time a character on stage moved does not make it easy for me to see around you. Leaning around to talk to the child on your lap on one side and then on the other does not make it possible for me to see around you. Having children who are getting out of their seats to walk past you to your wife to get more food and you shuffling around does not make it easy for me to see past any of you. Honestly, I have never seen a grown up move around so much during a show. Or a movie. I get that you have kids but if they are not old enough to sit through a movie they are not going to sit through a live show. They don’t have the ability yet.

I was this close to tapping him on the shoulder and saying “I realise you are tall and I don’t mean to sound rude but could you possibly try to keep fairly still during the performance so I can see around you?”.

So for three quarters of the show I got to see the stage in two halves – the left of his head and the right of his head. Not the middle where most of the action was. Fortunately behind me was a pole so I didn’t have anyone trying to see around me. I checked that before moving my head around too much. Because I try to keep still so as not to negatively impact others’ experiences.

Because I am considerate.

Because I was raised to be polite.

Because I have etiquette.

We have been to performances of several plays and concerts locally that are in school halls and have rows of seats along the floor as opposed to elevated seating. Two years in a row at a particular concert I have watched my children perform through the teased fringe of a lady sitting in front of me, with no way of avoiding it. For Pete’s sake people, don’t wear high hair if the seats aren’t elevated!!!!! Don’t  wear anything that is going to make it hard for the people behind you to see. We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve had to watch something through the space between heads. The people behind you have to do the same so if you move around a lot, they have to and then those behind them have to and those behind them and so on. If you make an effort to keep still, there’s a whole lot of people behind you that you will avoid pissing off.

Think about how you would feel if you were the person who couldn’t see. Do what you can to make it easier for them.

That is called being considerate.

And polite.

And having etiquette.

And not pissing me off.

Rant over.

Thank you.

Oh, and I did eat today. Leftover fathead pizza for breakfast, satay chicken sticks for lunch:

Satay chicken skewers at Kotara

and dinner was at the local club – they have meals that are adaptable for the different eating preferences in my family. Chinese food, which meant I could avoid rice and order food that wasn’t battered. Mr 22 had a couple of vegan options to choose from to keep him happy.

And that was our day.

How was yours?


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Picnic Day!

Today we met up with some of my absolute favourite people for a picnic. Five hours of road between us these days means we usually get together somewhere along the halfway  point and pick up where we left off last time. Always a happy and relaxing day together. I shared this photo on my facebook page so some of you have already seen it this evening, but this is so typical of our days out it is too good not to share on here.

picnic at Mt Penang Gardens

We were up and out early, so the kids had “breaky on the road”, which means McDonald’s and I had a black coffee to go.

Lunch for me was a salad bowl with some leftover chicken from last night’s dinner added to it. Food is communal at our picnics so between us there was heaps to pick at. Cinnamon scrolls, date & nut balls, fruit, crackers, dip, cheese crackers, pork crackling and I can’t remember what else. If anyone goes hungry it’s their own fault, not from a lack of food on offer!

It was dark by the time we got home, so it was a slack dinner of frozen pizzas bought on the way home to make dinner quick and easy for the kids. I made myself a fathead pizza, which is a dough made from melted cream cheese and grated cheese (usually mozzarella but I didn’t have any so I used cheddar instead), almond meal and egg. Add some salt and some herbs if you wish. Roll it out, bake the base and then top it with whatever you like and then pop it back into the oven until it’s ready and away you go.

Fathead pizza with kale

Tonight’s toppings were pizza sauce, pizza topper herbs, bacon bits, salami, kale (or spinach if you are not a kale fan) and a slice of tasty cheese torn up (because I had used all my shredded cheese to make the base) and some parmesan cheese because I could. It was yummy and I still have three slices left, which will make an easy breakfast for tomorrow when we are up at the crack of dawn and on the go again.

And that was today. Perfect. How was yours?



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Eating when out and about

Today we took a road trip to Tamworth, which is about an hour and a half to two hours north of us, depending on how many sets of road works we come across along the way. I went there for a canteen manager’s training session a couple of months ago and had six sets of roadworks to contend with. That one was a slow trip!

Hardly any today though. Plus Ray was driving and we all know that men drive faster than women lol.

I knew I wouldn’t have time for breakfast unless I was up before the sun and that wasn’t happening unless it had to! So I made myself what’s called a bulletproof coffee (or fat coffee), so that I wouldn’t get hungry before lunch time, because I didn’t have snacks ready. I was unprepared. Anyway……….I survived. We had morning tea at a bakery in the main street and I just had a black coffee while the others had pies and sausage rolls. Honestly, I didn’t want them. It’s surprising how bland some foods that you’ve always liked taste once you stop eating them.

We stopped at a pub on the way home a  couple of hours later and I had a really yummy chicken Caesar salad. The bacon and the chicken were cooked fresh to order and by now I think you all know how much I like warm meat in a salad. It was SO yummy!!! I ordered it without croutons and they didn’t even bat any eyelid. I love service like that. A Caesar salad is a good standby meal for when you are out. Most cafes, pubs and clubs will have one on their lunch menu. Often they can be found in takeaway shops too. Just pick out the croutons or order it without them. Easy. Just be sure to ask if the chicken is crumbed or not – you don’t want to find out once your meal is on a plate in front of you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to ask for alterations.

chicken caesar salad Terminal Hotel Quirindi

The family’s request at dinner time was for wraps, so we cooked up some beef strips and two flavours of marinated chicken, grated some carrot and cheese, shredded some lettuce, chopped some capsicum, mashed an avocado and opened a bottle of kewpie mayonnaise. The family had theirs in tortillas/wrap breads and I had mine in iceberg lettuce leaves, like a san choy bow. I didn’t get to take a photo but I’m sure you can imagine how it looks. There is so much you can wrap in lettuce leaves. If it’s tacos night, load up a leaf instead of a shell or load up a plate & make it a taco salad – there’s that warm meat in a salad thing again!

We’re going on a picnic tomorrow, so I spent some time after dinner getting snacks prepared. Cheese crackers and pork crackling.

cheese crackers and pork crackling

Cheese crackers are literally slices of cheese cut into quarters and baked in the oven and rescued before they burn. Pork crackling is available in the meat department of the supermarket and is cheap. This lot cost me $3. Score the skin, salt it and bake it at 220ish degrees and listen to it pop and crackle as it puffs up. It takes about half an hour. Your kitchen will be quite smoky when you open the oven door – your smoke alarm might even go off. Mine didn’t tonight – I think I got the sliding door to outside opened fast enough so the smoke could escape. But don’t worry if your goes off, it’s applauding you for your good taste in food!

So with these snacks and a cream cheese based dip, I have low carb picnic snacks. I am also taking some strawberries, raspberries and blueberries because they are delicious and at the lower end of the sugar scale when it comes to fruit. For lunch I am taking a salad and some leftover chicken from tonight’s dinner to go with it. The meat won’t be warm, but it will still be tasty!

And that’s how today rolled. What did you get up to today?

Karen 🙂


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Fish for dinner

Okay, so here I am again, over sharing what I ate today.

Not particularly hungry at a time when the clock would have indicated would be good to eat breakfast, so I went for brunch again. School holidays are a great time to start LCHF eating because you have lots of time to organise and adapt.

So brunch went like this:

BBQ Chicken & prepacked salad from Coles:

chicken and salad ingredients

I ate half a bag (2 serves because I am greedy lol). 7.2 grams of carbs.

salad nutrition panel

The above items led to this:

salad on plate

Which led to this:

finished eating

It was delicious!

Several hours later it was time to get dinner ready. Living in the country, we don’t have a fresh fish shop and usually need to rely on frozen/thawed supplies from the supermarket. However, there is a truck that comes to town most Wednesdays with fresh seafood, so today I went shopping there! I figured fish would be kind to Ray’s still sensitive gums following last week’s dental treatment.

I am so proud of my efforts – here’s what I made:

cooked fish

Whole snapper baked in foil, topped with a blend (that I made) of fresh garlic, ginger, turmeric, chives, dill, worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, mirin sauce, apple cider vinegar, dried chilli and I can’t remember if there was anything else! I started with a recipe but for some reason had no soy sauce at home so I improvised and added heaps of extra ingredients.

It was SO YUMMY!!!!!! Feedback from the family is please make this a regular dinner. The idea of baking a whole fish and placing it in the middle of the table with everyone picking away at it epitomises the whole sharing a meal thing. Even though Miss 10 and Mr 22 don’t eat fish (Miss 10 had a taste but didn’t like it). They were still able to sit and eat foods that they enjoy and share in some of the other foods on the table.

I also made these, but most of them had been polished off before I could take a photo!

oysters kilpatrick

No carbs in oysters, minimal in bacon (read your nutrition panel when it comes to bacon as some have a surprising amount of sugar). Only a bit in worcestershire sauce, so I am counting that as a very low carb dish. Oh, and Miss 10 ate one but didn’t like it. No surprise there as she usually only likes crumbed calamari and salt & pepper squid but I am proud of here for giving it a go.

Other share plates on the table included coleslaw, caesar salad (from a bag, just don’t eat the croutons) and sweet potato chips. Sweet potato is supposed to be a “medium” carb food, meaning you can eat it a couple of times a week, however a google search will indicate that it is almost identical to ordinary potato, so I don’t know what gives there. But we don’t eat it every day and my carb count for the day was pretty low so I was quite confident in eating some. Especially with freshly ground salt! Salt is very important when you are eating low carb style. Something to do with electrolytes, I don’t know the science behind it but I am happy to be able to eat salt for a good reason when we have been told for years that it is bad for us. I am such a rebel!

And that was my day in food. Please feel free to share what you are eating. I don’t care if it’s low carb or not, I can still drool over it. I am such a foodie!



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Today’s meals

Today I decided on brunch as I wasn’t hungry when it would usually have been breakfast time and Miss 10 and I were going to the movies at a time that meant an early lunch was needed. So brunch it was.

I don’t have a photo, but I heated two pre-cooked marinated chicken in the sandwich press, then chopped them up and mixed them into a ready made salad bowl with Mexican dressing that I bought at the supermarket yesterday. I am a massive fan of warm meat in a salad. It’s definitely one way to make salad more appealing on a winter’s day when in the past you would have gone for toasted cheese sandwiches or one of many other comfort foods. I quite like a premixed salad – I have been known to add reheated sausages or steak to them, or hot chicken – any warm meat really.

After a little while we headed off to the movies. I knew I would want a munchie so planned ahead by stopping at the shops on the way. Usually I would choose chips but I was determined not to cave in and I chose a bar from the low carb section instead. I used to buy the Atkins ones but there is an ingredient in there that triggers my cold sores so I tend to stay away from them now. I know, I am weird. But there is an ingredient in chocolate that triggers cold sores in some people and I am one of them, so I can’t eat much chocolate. Which can be handy!

Don’t bother spending your money on this bar, it didn’t excite me much. At least now I know! I won’t buy it again.

Protein bar for the movies

I had the slow cooker on today. I caught some awesome markdowns at the supermarket yesterday and was able to buy a soup mix pack of vegetable for the absolute bargain price of 40 cents. Yes, 40 cents! So I bought two and used one to make a vegan soup for Mr 22 and used the other pack in the slow cooker with some beef and a goulash recipe base.

Now these soup packs are mainly root vegetables, which are on the higher carb end of the vegetable scale. So I didn’t actually eat those ones, I ate the vegetables that are on the sometimes list for low carb eating. Onion, carrots, celery (from memory celery is good for everyday eating) and of course the beef. I chose not to eat the potato, swede or parsnip. Yes, some may have “leeched” into the sauce, but I am not that pedantic, it is not going to throw my entire day out!

Here’s what it looked like:

slow cooker beef

And it was Y.U.M.M.Y. Miss 10 had hers with toast to dip into it. I had some running around to do this evening so didn’t get to eat until after 8:30 (hence the slow cooker so people could serve their own dinner from it at various times). And there are two containers of leftovers that I can freeze for another day.

So that was today.

What was on your plate?


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Today’s Meals and How to Be Prepared

The post-dinner clean up is complete, which means it’s time for me to share with you what I ate today.

I was hungry when I got up so I decided breakfast was a definite yes today. Of course it had to be super easy, so I put a generous dob of butter (REAL butter, not margarine) in the fry pan and loosely scrambled three eggs in it. And this was my breakfast along with a cup of green tea.

Opa eggs

At lunchtime, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat much but was after something “picky”, so I had a couple of twiggy sticks, a couple of bits of pork crackling that I cooked yesterday and some mixed nuts.

I am currently SO FULL from my dinner. Using butter again, I fried a piece of salmon (crispy skin – yum!) and in the same pan I cooked up some green beans. I felt like some extra crunch so I quickly put some smoked almonds in the mortar & pestle and gave them a quick bash before adding them to the beans in the pan. I took a photo before tucking in. As you can see, it was quite a big piece of salmon and a big helping of beans. I caught some markdowns at the supermarket and scored a whole bag of beans for 45 cents because their best date is today. So I used lots and will use the rest tomorrow. Nobody else in the family likes beans as much as I do. I could eat them like this every day. So now I am feeling like I ate too much. But at least it was good food.

Salmon, beans and almonds

So what’s the importance of being prepared?

When you are no longer eating by the clock – eating because it is breakfast time or lunch time or dinner time – and you are only eating when you are hungry, it means you may well be eating outside of what you have always considered mealtimes. It is not always convenient for you to quickly cook something up or raid the fridge for something to put together. Notice that I said fridge and not pantry. The longer the shelf life of a food the shorter the shelf life of you. You will find most of your low carb foods in your fridge because it is fresh food and therefore doesn’t have a long shelf life.

I work in a school canteen. I know that if I am not organised I can be tempted by the (higher carb) foods that are sold in canteens because they meet the standard dietary guidelines that have to be followed in schools. I don’t want to eat those foods, so it is up to me to be organised. I have breakfast so that I am not hungry at lunch time. I can’t take nuts to eat because we are a nut free canteen. I don’t have eggs in the canteen due to students’ allergies (just like nuts). These allergies are life threatening to some of our students so it’s a case of “not on my watch”. I would be pretty irresponsible if I took a known allergen into the environment.

If I am hungry during the day I have what I call a hot chicken roll without the roll. Which is simply some shredded lettuce, shredded chicken, cheese and mayonnaise heated in the microwave for 90 seconds or until the cheese starts to melt and it is surprisingly yummy. And filling. Some days I don’t eat during the day. You would know yourself that some days you are hungrier than others. And if you care eating low carb foods you will notice that your body adapts and doesn’t want food as often.

I also like to have a stash of salami, cheese and twiggy sticks in the fridge at work so I can snack if I just want a pick instead of a meal. That’s part of my being prepared. You need to have low carb foods available, otherwise you could be tempted by chips and biscuits and whatever else you can put your hands on that you have always gone to as your grab and go snacks.

At home, have some hard boiled eggs in the fridge, cook some pork crackling (it’s cheap and in the meat department at the supermarket), buy a bbq chicken, keep the supplies of cold meat up, go for pickles, olives, sauerkraut, artichoke hearts and cheeses. Make cheese crackers (a slice of cheese cut into quarters and baked in the oven) and eat them with dip. Make salami or pepperoni crisps (bake slices in the oven) or bacon crackers (cracker sized pieces of bacon baked in the oven) to use as crackers for a cream cheese dip. Google seed crackers and make them – they are SO yummy! For the record, liverwurst is delicious on any of these types of cracker.

Plan ahead whenever you can. If you are going on a picnic, take a salad with lettuce, cheese, tomato (not for me thanks, I detest fresh tomato), cheese, almonds, capsicum, and other low carb vegies. I often put cut up strawberries in mine too. And some of that bbq chicken that I bought from the supermarket. Or ham. Fresh foods make you feel SO well and energised.

Hopefully these ideas are helpful for you. Soon I will talk about what to have if you are going out for dinner. It can be done.

Please share with me what you are eating.

Karen 🙂


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What did I eat today?

I have been asked to share what I eat on a “meal to meal” basis. Hopefully I won’t bore you – not everyone likes in depth details of food, but I am a foodie so I am happy to share.

One of the “rules” with LCHF eating is that you only eat if you are hungry. Which can be inconvenient without some planning. Until your body adapts to how you are eating. Believe me, it will. If you go googling you may read a lot about intermittent fasting, which some people swear by. I find that if I only eat when I am truly hungry then I am fasting without intending to. Like today.

I was up (what I call) early for a school holiday Sunday. Before 8am. I made myself a cup of green tea while I decided if I wanted breakfast. I decided not. I would have only been eating because the clock told me to, not because my body told me to. I actually didn’t feel hungry until nearly 2pm. I think this means my body is adapting to this way of eating and needing less food than before.

So what did I eat? Not a lot, funnily enough. A bit of leftover Beef in Black Bean Sauce from last night’s Chinese dinner out. (No rice or battered food for me). Chinese food is not the best when eating LCHF, however it was where we were and it was the “lesser of all evils”. Most of their sauces have sugar in them so it would be a wise idea to google the carb content of Chinese meals before you go so you know what is the best to order. I have been known to order short soup (because I love the broth at our local) and get Mr 15 to eat the dumplings from it!

During the day I snacked on a handful of nuts, a couple of twiggy sticks and I think that’s all. I was reading food catalogues for work purposes but I am immune to a lot of that beige coloured food. For dinner I cooked pork chops and threw a “steam fresh” vegie bag in the microwave oven.

I also cooked some pork crackling to have as a snack over the next few days. If you are a fan of crackers & dip, substitute pork crackling for the crackers. To pick a good dip, go for the ones that have the lowest carb & sugar count on the nutrition panel. Or buy a block of cream cheese and some garlic and chives or whatever your preference is and make your own. I don’t need a dip with my pork crackling, it is yummy enough on its own.

On this cold winter’s day it was nice to be able to make myself a sugar free hot chocolate to enjoy while I was doing research for work. I tell you, school canteens are not as straightforward as everyone seems to think they are! There is a massive amount of behind the scenes stuff that goes on.

A couple of carb free beverages after dinner and that’s about me done for the day.

Hope that helps! Remind me to come back tomorrow to talk about planning to avoid inconvenience.

Karen 🙂



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Highland Games

Today we headed to the Aberdeen Highland Games, which is a celebration of Scottish and Celtic culture. It’s always a great day out but we have missed the past two years as we are usually travelling over this block of school holidays, but we are home this year.
So off we headed on what looked like a beautiful sunny day. The last couple of days have been unseasonably warm but the chill was back today! The wind was what made it feel colder and it caused a couple of hiccups during the day. I noticed that one market stall’s tent/gazebo had blown over and in the strongman arena the wind was causing problems setting up some of their challenges.

We didn’t stay all day as I was in a fair amount of pain with my hips being out of whack and Ray’s mouth being in pain from some dental work a couple of days ago. Not long after we came home the dark clouds rolled in, bringing some rain and stronger wind. I don’t know if Aberdeen copped it but I am glad we weren’t out in it!

I only took a couple of photos – I can’t see properly when taking outdoor photos and if I am watching an event through my phone then I am missing experiencing it in real life, which is the point of going in the first place.

pipes and drums band

one of the many pipes and drums bands


The strongman competition is always popular. We stayed for the first event, which was the sheaf toss. This is when they use a pitchfork to toss a burlap bag of straw over a pole, with the height increasing each round. The winner of this event set a new personal best of 29 feet. He wanted to try for the 31 feet record but the framework didn’t have the set up for it. Later in the day they would have had the caber toss, which the wind would have made extra challenging! We were safely back home and warm by then. You will see on the ground in the background of some of the photos the barrels on their side with the heavy balls in front of them. Another of the events is to lift the balls onto the upright barrels and from memory the balls increase in weight. But again we were already at home when that was on.

adjusting the frame for the wind factor

adjusting the frame due to the wind

strongmen in kilts

mmmm……stongmen in kilts!

sheaf toss 1

sheaf toss – high

sheaf toss 2

sheaf toss – higher

sheaf toss 3

sheaf toss – even higher

my book purchase

I bought myself a funny book

It’s the kind of day where you can take chairs or a blanket to sit on and stay all day if you wish, there are food stalls, market stalls, clan history stalls, bands, dancers, tug of war, sack races, strongman competition and lots of tartan clad people about the place. It has a really good feel about it. Even if it is cold and windy!

Catch you later,





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LCHF Meals

Well Hello There!

Here I am, did you miss me? It’s been a while. I guess that’s what happens when this thing called life is busy. I’m sure you know how it is, you are busy people too.

Anyway, for the umpteenth time I have restarted the LCHF way of eating. I have spent most of the past two years putting on 2/3 of the weight I lost the year before. And my body is telling me that something has to change. I am carrying a few aches and pains – I had one day early this week that was particularly bad on the pain scale, to the point that almost every movement hurt but I just had to push through it and keep going. I have been sleeping with a hot water bottle for a few weeks in the hope that it relieves some of the pain. I have also thrown my hips out of alignment and as a result have one leg longer than the other at the moment. It’s not the first time it has happened and it probably won’t be the last. To fix it involves daily stretches and some massage therapy. And more than likely an appointment with the local podiatrist. When I have time.

But this is not a blog post about my aches and pains. I’m pretty sure most of you have them – we are not spring chickens any more! According to my kids I have two years until I am old. That would be 50. Sorry to anyone who is over 50 – you are old. But I am nearly there.

This post is in response to requests for me to share some of my LCHF meals. It is easy to “over Google” stuff and get confused. The key to LCHF eating is keeping it simple. Real food, not food that is made in a factory. So go for meat, poultry, fish, cream, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, cheese and vegetables that are grown above the ground, like green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, squash, etc. It’s easy enough to google approved food lists.

So what types of meals have I had this week since restarting?

I made rissoles for dinner. (“Whaddya call this love?”). Super simple – I used beef mince (none of the reduced fat stuff, go for the real deal), curry powder, eggs, minced garlic, tomato paste and I think that was all. I forgot the salt and pepper but they are easy to add once on your plate. No breadcrumbs needed. I rolled them and baked them in the oven. I made a vegetable puree to have with them – sweet potato (an occasional veg), pumpkin and zucchini.

Steak or fish or chicken are also good for dinners. Cook them in real butter, not margarine, (or olive oil if you are not a butter fan) and while your steak is resting throw a bunch of asparagus or green beans or sliced cabbage in the same frypan on the stove and in a couple of minutes your dinner is ready. Super tasty and super simple.

Herbs and spices are your friend. There are very few carbs in them with the quantities used in cooking. Play around with some flavour combinations – I use lots of garlic, ginger, smoked paprika, turmeric, mustard powder, curry powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Plus herbs like rosemary and oregano, depending on what I am making.

Dinner leftovers are great for breakfast if you want something quick and easy. I had leftover rissoles the next morning. A minute or so in the microwave and they were ready. Other mornings I have had bacon and eggs, leftover corned beef with scrambled eggs, leftover sausages with eggs…… you see a pattern here? Eggs are great when you are eating LCHF style. And there’s nothing wrong with cooking up a steak for breakfast if that’s what you would like.

For lunch I am at work, so time is very limited. The way we have organised my hours, my lunch break is at 3pm to enable me to leave work to start the after school activities with the kids. If I took a my lunch break during the middle of the day I wouldn’t be leaving work until 3:30 and that doesn’t suit our family’s needs. So I have a quick break during the day on the days that I can fit it in. I have been having what I call a hot chicken roll without the roll. Lettuce, shredded chicken, grated cheese and mayonnaise heated in the microwave oven until the cheese melts, around 90 seconds. Try it – it’s yummy! And low carb.

That’s a quick glance at the types of foods I have been eating this week.

I will hopefully be back to share some more in the next couple of days.





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Lazy Saturday Dining 

As the title explains, today was lazy Saturday. The kids & I are on school holidays and we are taking the opportunity to RELAX. 

Again I skipped breakfast because I wasn’t hungry. So brunch it was.

I bought a bbq chook at Woolies & another pre-packaged salad. Half the bag was only 7 carbs, plus some chicken, plus some chicken wings leftover from last night’s dinner. Yes, I am still working my way through the Christmas plates & serviettes…… 

During the afternoon I got a bit snacky, so some yummy smoked almonds it was.

For dinner we headed to one of the local clubs & had Chinese food. Chinese food is always going to blow your carb levels out but as long as you choose wisely you don’t have to miss out. Make allowances in the rest of your food for the day.

For entree I ordered San Choy Bow, which is the pork mince in lettuce leaves. Our club has it in single serves. Less carbs than spring rolls or mixed entrees. And it wasn’t full of noodles like some restaurants make it.

We always choose a few dishes to share so I left the rice and battered meals for the rest of the family and opted for meals with lots of meat & vegetables. Yes the sauces would all have sugar in them, but I have still managed to “lessen the damage” so to speak. Any reduction in the carb and sugar content is a win in my book!

So my carb intake is difficult to get firm figures on today. There is an app I use that allows me to search for meals but there is so much variation between the same Chinese meal in different restaurants that I just had to kind of average it. My total carb intake for the day would be around the 50-60 gram mark. Which is still considered low. Anything below 100 grams for the day is classed as low carb eating so even if I am wrong, I still have some leeway there. And tomorrow I expect to be back down below 30 grams again.

However, it will be New Year’s Eve……….there may be consumption of wine!

What did you eat today? 


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