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Today’s Eats

Back again as requested to share what I ate today. 

No breakfast, as I wasn’t hungry. Two black coffees spread over the morning was all I wanted until lunch time. 

I didn’t take photos of my meals as I was helping the kids make theirs at the same time.

Lunch was half a bag of a Thai salad I discovered in Woolies this morning. The whole bag is 4 serves, so I had two serves. This is what it looks like:

9.2 grams of carbs in my half a bag, including the crispy shallots and dressing. I added some ham from our Christmas ham winnings and also one of these chicken patties that I heated in the sandwich press. These patties are around 4 carbs each. 

It was very yummy. Half of my daily carb goal just in the one meal, but I was only eating two meals today, so I was quite happy to tuck in. I do like a salad with a warm meat in it, be it warmed up leftover steak or sausage or fish or chicken. 

Dinner is where a lot of people get stuck for ideas. Keep. It. Simple. Seriously. I cooked up some lamb rump steak and teamed it with these vegetables:

Each big packet contains three smaller bags, with each smaller bag being two serves of vegetables. At only 1.7 grams of carbs per serve, I was quite happy to eat both serves from the smaller bag. A couple of minutes of being lazy by throwing it in the microwave & my greens were ready. 

I made a sauce. Because I could. It was super easy & is my “default sauce” when I want something quick & simple. When the steaks were resting, I browned some sliced mushrooms in the pan with the steak juices (I had cooked them in butter). To this I added a good splosh of thickened cream, some garlic powder and mustard powder. Once it reduces & thickens, it’s ready. And it was really yummy on the steak. And to dip the vegetables in!

As a way of using up stuff that has been accumulating in the big freezer, I also cooked some chicken wings. Yes, another thing from a packet, with a few ingredients that aren’t the best but I was after something else that was quick.

In these went. Leftovers are tomorrow’s lunch.

So today’s carb count is at 23 grams and only 14 grams of sugar. Got to be happy with that!

I was going to have some wine with dinner but would have had to calculate the carbs and tell you so I didn’t have any lol! Because I like sweet wine, which is high in sugar and therefore high in carbs. I want that number on the scales to reduce more than I want a glass of wine. I chose my favourite carb free drink instead. Happy me!

That’s it for today. What did you eat?


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I’m back!

Okay, so I am being ambitious in restarting the Low Carb Healthy Fat way of eating when we are going on holidays in the near future. However, there is no time like the present and if I am going to make this a lifelong way of eating then I need to be able to do it on holidays as well as in everyday life. Because holidays are part of life – at least I’d like them to be part of mine!

With the Christmas hullaballoo finished, I have jumped back on board rather than waiting until the new year or until the new school year when I am back at work or waiting for anything. Life is for living now, today, yes we can look forward to the future but we need to remember to live in today. That’s a bit philosophical for me!

So I started. And have been asked a few questions which I am very happy to answer.

I shared a food list on Facebook today. It’s a guide on what to eat. You can google LCHF food lists and find a selection from which to choose one to print. The simple way to explain it is to eat foods from the approved list. Make any meal you like from it. Just don’t add anything that’s not on the list. If you go googling, print out the list of “green approved” foods and stick to that. You can eat foods from the orange list a couple of times a week, but who can be bothered keeping count? Avoid foods on the red list.

Here’s the list I shared today:

food list

Hopefully you will see lots of foods that you like on there.

Here’s what I had for breakfast. Bacon, ham, eggs, haloumi cheese, mayonnaise. All on the approved list and I was too full to be able to finish it.


For lunch we went to the pub. Because we could. I chose the chicken & almond salad which I haven’t had before. I wish they offered it on their dinner menu but it’s only offered at lunch time. Because it is our preferred place to go out for dinner. The carrot, beetroot and onion are not on the approved list but they were in such small quantities I figured they wouldn’t add to many carbs. Next time I will ask for mayonnaise instead of the dressing they have on it.

pub lunch

Dinner was good old sausages, prawns and vegetables. With gravy. Not that I should have gravy, but I wanted something on my vegetables and I hadn’t made a cheesy or creamy sauce. The carrots are not allowed regularly, but they were in the frozen vegetable mix. Brussels sprouts are basically mini cabbages, so they are approved to eat freely. The seafood sauce came with the prawns and I figured it wasn’t too bad for a one-off, given that I am transitioning into this, allowing my body to adapt.


All up I consider that what I ate was better than what I have been eating lately and I have only consumed 27 grams of carbohydrates today, which is fantastic given that the goal of ketogenic eating is to stay below 20 grams of carbs a day. I am not aiming for ketosis immediately – just decreasing my carbs on a gradual basis.

I will try to blog as often as I can as I have promised a few of  you that I will share what I eat to give you some ideas. Please feel free to share your food ideas. Please do not offer me products or supplements to get me kick-started or to get me into ketosis quicker. I find them unnecessary as I know this can be done with food alone.

Let me know what you are eating! You know how much I love food……..




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Passport Applications

Maybe we are destined not to travel abroad.

We booked a New Zealand cruise so needed to get passports. Two adults and two kids. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Unless you are us.

I picked up forms from the post office months ago, which was lucky because now they don’t have the paper version and you have to fill in online forms and then print them. I think you all know of my love/hate affair with technology, in particular, printing. This one was not a battle I wanted to take on.

Off we went and had our photos taken. That bit ran smoothly.

Filled in the forms. Gathered identification certificates. Had photos and forms signed by guarantor. Checked with local post office if we needed to make an appointment (no, but please come before 3:45 because that’s when their busiest time of the day hits). No problem.

The kids are at an age that they don’t need to be in attendance when we submit their forms. So Ray & I rock up to the post office with 4 applications.


Correction – problems. More than one.

My marriage certificate is not acceptable as it is the one given to us by the Priest at our wedding 25 years ago, not the official one showing registration numbers and dates, issued by Births Deaths & Marriages. I was worried that my held together by sticky tape birth certificate was going to be the problem. Nope, that was deemed okay. They tell me I need to go to the court house to organise an official marriage certificate. This was a Saturday morning so I had to wait until the court house was open again to get this done. In order to get the kids’ applications started we changed the bit on theirs in relation to parents being born in Australia to Ray’s details instead of mine, seeing as my identification was unacceptable. Straight forward enough, right?


Ray’s name is spelt one letter differently on his birth certificate than how his name has been spelt all his life & on all of his other identification. He has had a passport before. He has never been questioned about it. Until now. It wasn’t picked up when we lodged the forms, we got a call a few minutes later asking us to come back. Changed a bit on the form to try and explain the difference in name.

Lets move on to the children. Megan’s looked straightforward. Yay!

Liam’s needed a page redoing as our guarantor signed to say that they had known themselves for “x” amount of time instead of knowing him. Easy enough mistake when there is lots of signing going on. I had to take it back and get it fixed. I made a mistake when sticking the photos on and didn’t have enough spare photos to complete a whole new form, so the post office staff tore a page out of a blank application and changed the barcode on it so we can just replace the page in question.

So we left the post office thinking that Ray & Megan have applications that are ready to go.

Not quite.

Cue phone call to Ray saying he needs to complete a statutory declaration explaining that REY and RAY are the same person.

So back he goes, fills in the required paperwork. Had to also include it in Megan’s application because we had used his details for parent Aussie status as my name change was still waiting to be officially proven.

I did get an email yesterday saying that Megan’s passport is due to be printed and issued, so at this stage she will be travelling alone lol. Haven’t heard anything further with Ray’s. My fingers are crossed that there are no further hiccups with his.

When I ordered my official marriage certificate I also ordered a new birth certificate, given that my old one was held together with sticky tape. I didn’t want my application to get all the way to the passport office and be rejected on the basis of not being able to read a letter in my name. Because letters in names are important when it comes to passport applications. Just ask Ray. Or Rey.

So I get a card in the letter box saying I have registered mail to collect. Figured that when I collect the certificates I will lodge mine and Liam’s passports at the same time as the identification will be right there, opened in front of them, official, should be no problem.. They weren’t there. Still in the van that the delivery driver was still driving around town delivering stuff. He had put the wrong date to collect on the card. It is two days before I can get back to pick them up.

Change the tick box on Liam’s to say to use my Aussie-ness as parent details instead of Ray’s – otherwise he would have to come back and do another stat dec. Liam’s application is now ready to be sent to the passport office.

Another check of mine, with my now brand new authentic certificates. Identification all checks out fine. Guarantor has signed to say they have known themselves, not me. HOW DID I NOT PICK THIS UP ALREADY????????? Bring form home, disturb patient guarantor again to alter and initial the form. Each step takes a few days to co-ordinate schedules then another few days before I can get back to the post office, where the lady who originally served us weeks ago said “I remember this name, you’ve had troubles with these all along”. To which I reply “Yes, we like to make ourselves known”. My form now checks out all okay and off to the passport office it gets sent.

I missed a phone call this afternoon. It was the passport office. Do I really want to call them back and hear what is wrong now? I called them. And played phone tag, so called a different number.

Remember I said that I stuffed up when I attached Liam’s photos? When you attached them you actually stick them on, one facing up and one facing down. “Place photo facing up here” “Place photo facing down here”. The first one I attached was the opposite of what it should have been. Peeled it off, destroying the photo in the meantime (because that sticky bit is SUPER sticky, which it should be) and stuck a spare one on correctly. The passport office considers it damaged and I need to send in new photos. Do you also remember that I said I didn’t have enough spares? Yep! Now need to get new photos of Liam. That’s another $20 to pay to get them done. With all the directions we are pulled in at the moment the earliest I can manage this is Tuesday afternoon. It is currently Wednesday. So that is almost a week away. Ray can fit it in tomorrow, so he is taking Liam. Then I need to coordinate schedules with the guarantor to have the photos signed again. Man, she is SO going to regret ever offering to sign our forms! Thankfully I don’t need to complete a new form, just take the signed pics to the post office with the reference number & get them to send them to the passport office.

Hopefully then we will all end up with passports.

Otherwise Megan might still be travelling alone!

Karen ūüôā



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Why I am not turning on the news

Like so many of you, I have woken up this morning, grabbed my phone and scrolled through Facebook to see what I’ve missed during the night. 

Breaking news is that a van has ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge. With so many incidents happening in the world over the last however many years, this is automatically being labelled a terrorist attack. Which may or not be true. Either way, people have been killed. Deliberately. 

Shocking. Despicable. Unimaginable. Terrifying. There are many words to describe it. Maybe not enough. 

I am fed up with being continuously fed footage and news of these events by various forms of media when they occur. I am also fed up with them happening, but I can’t control that. When you are watching Sunrise whilst having breakfast and getting ready for work and your children are getting ready for school (not today, it’s the weekend, but this happened following the Manchester bombing) and your 9 year old leaves the room saying they are not going to watch any news any more because it’s all bad, then you know you need to do something about it. 

There is a line between how much our kids should see and how much they should be sheltered from. Yes, give us the news reports every half hour or hour like you do on an ordinary day, but please do not make your entire show about the latest tragedy. There needs to be the opportunity to switch off, to protect our children. These are the things that stick in their minds. Their wings are being clipped before they are fully grown. They are getting scared.

We need to show them the beautiful stuff. For every negative, find double the positives. Censor what your children see. Switch off the news and catch yourself up when they are not around. 

Today in our house, kids movies are being watched. No news. I will watch the news when I want to, not be force-fed it. We are switching off!

Call me irresponsible and ignorant if you like, if you think I am not giving the attacks due seriousness. I can’t change the fact that they happened. I can only join the rest of the civilised people who are horrified that such behaviour goes on. Regardless of who claims responsibility. Family travelling the UK at the moment left London a few days ago. So they will be safe. I don’t need to worry that they are caught up in this.

I can pause for a minute and say a couple of prayers for those impacted. Then I have the luxury of snuggling up with my kids, next to the fire, watching funny movies and knitting. 

Plenty of positives there.

Have a Happy Sunday, 

Karen xx

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Do NOT talk to me about technology!!!!!


Yesterday we bought me a new mobile phone and a new laptop computer. The old ones were veeerrrryyyyy slow and verrrrryyyyyy unreliable. Anyone who knows me or is my Facebook friend or reads my blog knows that technology and I are far from friends.

To give you a bit of background, I have been looking at mobile phones for a while but don’t know what I “need”, only what I want to spend. Or, more accurately, what I DON’T want to spend. It’s the same with computers. Would you believe that when you buy a computer these days, it has no programs on it? I kid you not! What you buy is the shell, “the brain” (which, if you ask me, is a bit of dunce as there is nothing in it) and then you buy your package of programs to go on it. Like Word, Excel, One Note (I don’t even know what that one is, yet it is used widely in my workplace, just not by me lol), Outlook, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah……..

So anyway, the kids & I went looking last week, which simply means that I checked out a couple of options before getting totally confused and saying that I would come back with my husband this week. Which I did.

Which brings us to yesterday and us purchasing both a mobile phone and a laptop computer. For me. Yes, I am a very lucky wife. I know that.

I am doubly lucky in that I have a hubby who takes care of all this technology stuff, so that all I have to do is switch the gadget on and it works. Like, voila! Again, I am a very lucky wife. I know that.

Our problems came when we tried to set¬†up the new gadgets. There is an App that can be downloaded that you can use to transfer all your contacts and photos and shit from the old phone to the new phone. So we downloaded it. Your stuff can be transferred via Bluetooth. Okay, that sounds EASY. I know how to switch Bluetooth on. But my old phone didn’t want to play the game & the we kept getting the message saying “Bluetooth has stopped working” (which is one of the ways my phone was playing up¬†in the first place) so the stuff wouldn’t transfer from my old phone to my new phone as it kept¬† cutting out. Okay, let’s go with Plan B. Transfer all the stuff via USB cable. Yeah, right. Error message. ” Please insert cable correctly” – there is only one freaking way to insert the cable into the phone!!!!

So Plan¬†C¬†– transfer all the data via the cloud. So Ray set this up and handed me my old phone, saying “it says it will take 4 hours to transfer it all” and I looked at the screen and it said 5 hours & so however many minutes and I think “okay, that’s what we are dealing with”. A little while later we check it and it says 7 hours and 34 minutes. What the??????

Cue the home internet¬†having an outage¬†to cause even more delay and increasing our frustration levels. Let me tell you that we started this whole process at about 4pm and¬†at 11pm my old phone¬†was showing¬†57% uploaded, with¬†3 hours and 5 minutes to go. I know things don’t move at a fast pace in the country, but this is a bit ridiculous.

In the interim, Ray¬†was setting up the laptop and loading the purchased program package onto it. Guess – did this run smoothly or not? If you said “no”, you are correct! Let’s revisit that internet that decided not to work. I think we both gained some extra grey hairs. He spent around 5 hours trying to get both gadgets set up. We were ready to take them back to the shop today.

I am pleased to say that Ray did get the computer up and running and that is what I am using to type this now. Yay! He has all of¬†my email addresses visible on the one screen – because, you know, email addresses get accumulated over the years – like I need 3 or 4. Yeah right, I can barely keep on top of one! But I have my regular personal one, one for the blog and another unused personal one which was set up sometime when trying to navigate some program. I have found another one with the blog name too, so it’s all rather confusing. I think it’s a Microsoft vs Google thing – there seems to be one of each¬†for each.

So at 4am my new phone told me the stuff from my old phone was ready to download from the cloud. No, I am not usually awake at 4am. I woke up when Ray’s alarm went off. He is the one who is up at 4am to get ready for work. I figured if it was going to take seven-ish hours to download, then I had better get it started as early as I could. It is now midday and it is at 74%, with an estimated time of 11hr 33 mins. I hope that means total time to download, not time remaining! On the plus side, I can now see my contacts on the new phone and some of the photos have come across. So it appears to be working. Yay!

Yay for modern technology that makes our life easier!

Pigs arse!

Karen xx










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Getting back on track

That’s it! Technology really does hate me. I had this blog past three quarters written and was adding photos and hit goodness knows what I shouldn’t have & lost it all! If you only knew the hassles I had with technology this week, I feel like a broken record when¬†I talk about my trials with technology! First it was our printer (yet again!) and now me losing what I had written. It definitely tests my patience!

But anyway, that’s a whole other bog post, which I’ve already written. More than once I suspect.

Today I am writing about getting back¬†on the¬†LCHF way of eating. That would be Low Carbohydrate High Fat. Yes,¬†really. Throw out everything your doctor or dietician has told you about how you should eat and listen to your naturopath or do your own research. There are plenty of websites out there¬†that can point you in the¬†right direction when¬†it comes to LCHF.¬†I simply share my own experience and thoughts, I don’t have the scientific or technical knowledge behind it. It works for me so that’s good enough for me.

So, why am I needing to get back on track? There are a¬†multitude of reasons as to why I am writing¬†the year of 2016 off. What with Dad being ill and passing away,¬†I managed to put on over 8kg with all the back and forth that was¬†going on (Dad lived 5 hours away from here & I was driving back & forth every second weekend). Most recently, hubby had a motorbike accident & has a few broken body pieces that thankfully will repair. Maybe these are excuses for me to not eat properly, but whatever they are, they are what they are & I take ownership of what I chose to eat these last few months. As I have talked about before, all the back and forth with Dad saw me eating McDonalds because it was easy. Even the kids were sick of McDonald’s meals, so that’s saying something.

So how do you get back on track?


That’s all it takes. Start by having an LCHF breakfast. Here’s what I had today:breakfast-idea


A fry up of white sweet potato (I had run out of bacon), eggs, kale, haloumi cheese and that would be a knob of butter on top! Over 1000 calories on my plate and I’m proud of it!

I didn’t photograph lunch but it was leftover salad of cos lettuce, green capsicum, avocado and red onion with sliced steak on top, drizzled with a yoghurt & dill dressing. It was yummy!

Here’s dinner:

On the left is a pork steak, with a knob of butter melting on top, with some fried asparagus on the side. The pic on the right started as a Caesar salad until I thought I didn’t have any Caesar dressing in the fridge (which it turns out I did), so I improvised and it is constructed of cos lettuce from our garden, red capsicum, grated cheese, hard boiled eggs, an avocado and fried haloumi cheese as croutons. Topped with the (then located) Caesar dressing (no low fat version allowed). It was very tasty.

You don’t count calories when you eat this way¬† – you count fat and carbohydrate grams – and the higher and lower, respectively, the better. More fat and fewer carbs. That’s what works for me!

I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a set of books for a while. If you have too many books you will get confused about what you should eat, yes?

Here are the books I am reading at the moment, that have re-inspired me:


If you see them, I highly recommend you buy them. Simple explanations, realistic testimonials, recipes, and much more. They are available online if you have a look around her Facebook site here. What Christine says just makes sense.

So I am two thirds of my way through the 3 book set I bought and am feeling suitably reinspired. Hence the knobs of butter on my kale at breakfast and my pork steak at dinner. Christine eats 100 -150 grams of butter every day. Sounds like a winner to me!

Anyway, here I am – 8 kg heavier than I was in July but willing to do something about it.

I can do this. Hot weather has arrived. That means plenty of meat and salad meals. Like chicken wings, sausages, rissoles, steaks, there are so many options!

Will keep you posted as to how I go.

Karen xx



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A very sugary, gingerbready afternoon

Today I went to the annual Gingerbread House Workshop in town, my 3rd time out of the 4 years that we’ve been here. I missed one year because we were away at a family wedding.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, a women only event, where everyone begins with the same framework yet no two people’s finished product are the same and there are no right or wrong ways to decorate your gingerbread house. And it’s nice to spend time with friends.

You mean I can’t go wrong? That’s my kind of thing!¬† Some people are very steady of hand and can do beautiful piping, others can visualise and create gardens and outdoor furniture from their lollies, but not me. And that’s okay. If you cover your gingerbread house with as many lollies as you can, it’s still going to look great. As long as you follow the demonstration on how to secure your walls and roof so you can actually construct the house, that is. It comes as a pre-baked kit. I seem to have this bit mastered.

Here are my efforts this year.


Ta daaa!! All cellophaned up & ready to be cracked open when we have our street Christmas party. Inside the house are dark chocolate Maltesers and some Freckles.


Of course, there are many lollies consumed to sustain whilst we are working.

And I had a delicious piece of pavlova for afternoon tea.

Lots of sugar – ignoring the LCHF way of eating this afternoon! Because that was my choice.

Do you have a Gingerbread House at Christmas time?




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Have you started yours?

Have you started your Reverse Advent Calendar?

I talked about it here a couple of weeks ago. The concept is that you put an item into a box or basket each day of the Advent season and then donate it to charity to give to a needy family. Given that Advent finishes right at Christmas, it would be unreasonable for whichever charity you choose to have time to deliver it so we decided we would do it in November and donate it at the beginning of December. So we are collecting for 30 days and at the end should have a nice hamper for someone in need.

Today is the 3rd already, so we were late starting, however, this afternoon we bought a tub from the cheap shop and put 3 items in it.

We have tea, soap and chocolate peanuts. I am at the shops every few days, so will need to program myself to remember to look out for things that we can add. We’re hoping the kids will get involved and come up with suggestions too.


I’ll keep you updated a few times as we go through the month.

A few of you commented that you were interested in doing the same. If you are, please share your pics!



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My love/hate relationship


Love it.

Hate it.

I regularly refer to myself as “techno idiot”. It’s a title I am happy to own, I find no shame in admitting that I don’t know what I am doing when it comes to technology.

It’s great when I want to look up stuff. Like businesses (except in the country not so many businesses have websites), real estate, accommodation, holidays, etc. Like paying bills, booking tickets to events, checking emails. Like Facebooking. Like blogging.

It totally sucks when something along the chain breaks down. Like the printer goes offline and won’t go back online. The only way we’ve discovered to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall it. Except my computer then doesn’t find it. All of a sudden a job that would have taken 5 minutes has taken 20. Or 30. Or 40. Frustrating when I want to print a recipe because I am about to go shopping to buy the ingredients. Frustrating when trying to print the new menu I created for the canteen. Frustrating when you volunteer your time to do the book club orders for the primary school and then can’t print the copy that needs to be sent away with the payments. I may have to email it to the school and ask them to print it. So it then becomes extra work for them too.

Like I try to upload some photos to my blog and I am supposed to be able to insert them and click where I want to type & then be able to type and it won’t allow me to do it. This is why I have some posts with no photos. Because it takes me SO long to figure out how to do it properly. I have to delete and reload the photos a couple of time before I get it right, it is surprisingly time consuming. Maybe not, if I wasn’t a techno idiot!

Were things easier when we had a desk with a computer sitting on it and a printer plugged in? I am so close to going back to that it’s not funny.

Like when we have to reset my phone to it’s factory settings because it keeps shutting itself down. So hubby backed up all my contacts and photos and other important stuff an reset it for me. And then it mixed up some of my contacts – I had some people’s email addresses under other people’s names. So I think I have lost some in my correcting them. But with the world of Facebook, it’s not such a big deal. There’s more than one way to contact people. More than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. And then it doesn’t let me get into my work emails. But when I tried it just now, it did. Go figure.

Like when I turn on my computer and it comes up with some run time error, which it allows me to continue through, then decides it won’t recognise my mouse so I can’t click anything. It won’t recognise the onboard mouse either. So, after I’ve waited too long for my computer to start up, I then have to do a restart to get it working properly. Something that should take less than 5 minutes ends up taking 10 or more. And that’s just to turn the computer on, before I actually do any work on it.

First world problems or what?!

I sound like my Mum when I hear myself saying “I’m meant to be able to turn it on and it works”. It should work. That’s all I expect.

Surely that’s not too much to ask?

What are you like with technology? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Or are you somewhere in between?



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Our food garden

It’s been nearly two years since we moved into our house. I shared our garden and landscaping as we did each bit, so I thought I’d share with you how it has developed.

Our plan is that almost everything growing in our back yard has a purpose other than just looking pretty. Most of our plants’ produce is edible. And for a couple of foodies, that is winning!

Almond nut tree. We have two of these, both producing nuts – we don’t know how to tell when they are ready to eat, but hubby picked one the other day & it was far from ready, so we’ll give them a while longer.


Row of trees –¬† front is a fig tree (the almond tree in the pic above is before the fig, just not in this photo), then a lemon tree which replaced the macadamia tree which was killed by the winter frost. The far tree is another almond.


Strawberry plants make a great ground cover. We also have blueberries growing in this garden bed. On the shelf below is a curry plant and Ray planted radishes the other day. New veggie patch in the background.

A day’s harvest¬†of strawberries.



Plenty more will be ready in the next few days.



Vegetable patch planted¬†on the¬†weekend. Carrots (seeds not seedlings, so you can’t see them), mini capsicum plant, cauliflower x 4, roma tomatoes x 4, mini cos lettuce x 4. Behind the veggie patch (to the left in this pic) we have a couple of native plum trees and a chilli plant, which are not visible in the photos.



Doing our bit for the bees – they won’t become extinct on our watch! Lavender hedge along back fence is growing well. Every plant has bees. I knew lavender attracted bees, which is why they are along the back fence. If they were close to the house, the kids would see them and never go outside again. This way, the bees can do their thing and they are not bothering us and we can do our thing and we are not bothering them.



There is still oodles of room for the kids to play.


Down the track we may get some chooks. There is something peaceful and therapeutic about having back yard chickens. Plus they eat the spiders! We just need to make sure we are not encouraging snakes or foxes. Because we certainly don’t want them in our yard! Foxes are cute when you see them in the distance and I wouldn’t care if they came into our yard at the moment (which they don’t), but if we had chickens they wouldn’t be welcome at all. And sorry snake lovers, but I don’t like the thought of snakes in our yard. At. All. Never. Ever. And we have built on land that used to be a known snake path. We had snake sightings last summer and our eyes on the lookout already this year.

So that’s where we are up to in the garden.

What do you have growing?