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Why I am not turning on the news

on June 4, 2017

Like so many of you, I have woken up this morning, grabbed my phone and scrolled through Facebook to see what I’ve missed during the night. 

Breaking news is that a van has ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge. With so many incidents happening in the world over the last however many years, this is automatically being labelled a terrorist attack. Which may or not be true. Either way, people have been killed. Deliberately. 

Shocking. Despicable. Unimaginable. Terrifying. There are many words to describe it. Maybe not enough. 

I am fed up with being continuously fed footage and news of these events by various forms of media when they occur. I am also fed up with them happening, but I can’t control that. When you are watching Sunrise whilst having breakfast and getting ready for work and your children are getting ready for school (not today, it’s the weekend, but this happened following the Manchester bombing) and your 9 year old leaves the room saying they are not going to watch any news any more because it’s all bad, then you know you need to do something about it. 

There is a line between how much our kids should see and how much they should be sheltered from. Yes, give us the news reports every half hour or hour like you do on an ordinary day, but please do not make your entire show about the latest tragedy. There needs to be the opportunity to switch off, to protect our children. These are the things that stick in their minds. Their wings are being clipped before they are fully grown. They are getting scared.

We need to show them the beautiful stuff. For every negative, find double the positives. Censor what your children see. Switch off the news and catch yourself up when they are not around. 

Today in our house, kids movies are being watched. No news. I will watch the news when I want to, not be force-fed it. We are switching off!

Call me irresponsible and ignorant if you like, if you think I am not giving the attacks due seriousness. I can’t change the fact that they happened. I can only join the rest of the civilised people who are horrified that such behaviour goes on. Regardless of who claims responsibility. Family travelling the UK at the moment left London a few days ago. So they will be safe. I don’t need to worry that they are caught up in this.

I can pause for a minute and say a couple of prayers for those impacted. Then I have the luxury of snuggling up with my kids, next to the fire, watching funny movies and knitting. 

Plenty of positives there.

Have a Happy Sunday, 

Karen xx


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