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Do NOT talk to me about technology!!!!!

on April 21, 2017


Yesterday we bought me a new mobile phone and a new laptop computer. The old ones were veeerrrryyyyy slow and verrrrryyyyyy unreliable. Anyone who knows me or is my Facebook friend or reads my blog knows that technology and I are far from friends.

To give you a bit of background, I have been looking at mobile phones for a while but don’t know what I “need”, only what I want to spend. Or, more accurately, what I DON’T want to spend. It’s the same with computers. Would you believe that when you buy a computer these days, it has no programs on it? I kid you not! What you buy is the shell, “the brain” (which, if you ask me, is a bit of dunce as there is nothing in it) and then you buy your package of programs to go on it. Like Word, Excel, One Note (I don’t even know what that one is, yet it is used widely in my workplace, just not by me lol), Outlook, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah……..

So anyway, the kids & I went looking last week, which simply means that I checked out a couple of options before getting totally confused and saying that I would come back with my husband this week. Which I did.

Which brings us to yesterday and us purchasing both a mobile phone and a laptop computer. For me. Yes, I am a very lucky wife. I know that.

I am doubly lucky in that I have a hubby who takes care of all this technology stuff, so that all I have to do is switch the gadget on and it works. Like, voila! Again, I am a very lucky wife. I know that.

Our problems came when we tried to set up the new gadgets. There is an App that can be downloaded that you can use to transfer all your contacts and photos and shit from the old phone to the new phone. So we downloaded it. Your stuff can be transferred via Bluetooth. Okay, that sounds EASY. I know how to switch Bluetooth on. But my old phone didn’t want to play the game & the we kept getting the message saying “Bluetooth has stopped working” (which is one of the ways my phone was playing up in the first place) so the stuff wouldn’t transfer from my old phone to my new phone as it kept  cutting out. Okay, let’s go with Plan B. Transfer all the stuff via USB cable. Yeah, right. Error message. ” Please insert cable correctly” – there is only one freaking way to insert the cable into the phone!!!!

So Plan C – transfer all the data via the cloud. So Ray set this up and handed me my old phone, saying “it says it will take 4 hours to transfer it all” and I looked at the screen and it said 5 hours & so however many minutes and I think “okay, that’s what we are dealing with”. A little while later we check it and it says 7 hours and 34 minutes. What the??????

Cue the home internet having an outage to cause even more delay and increasing our frustration levels. Let me tell you that we started this whole process at about 4pm and at 11pm my old phone was showing 57% uploaded, with 3 hours and 5 minutes to go. I know things don’t move at a fast pace in the country, but this is a bit ridiculous.

In the interim, Ray was setting up the laptop and loading the purchased program package onto it. Guess – did this run smoothly or not? If you said “no”, you are correct! Let’s revisit that internet that decided not to work. I think we both gained some extra grey hairs. He spent around 5 hours trying to get both gadgets set up. We were ready to take them back to the shop today.

I am pleased to say that Ray did get the computer up and running and that is what I am using to type this now. Yay! He has all of my email addresses visible on the one screen – because, you know, email addresses get accumulated over the years – like I need 3 or 4. Yeah right, I can barely keep on top of one! But I have my regular personal one, one for the blog and another unused personal one which was set up sometime when trying to navigate some program. I have found another one with the blog name too, so it’s all rather confusing. I think it’s a Microsoft vs Google thing – there seems to be one of each for each.

So at 4am my new phone told me the stuff from my old phone was ready to download from the cloud. No, I am not usually awake at 4am. I woke up when Ray’s alarm went off. He is the one who is up at 4am to get ready for work. I figured if it was going to take seven-ish hours to download, then I had better get it started as early as I could. It is now midday and it is at 74%, with an estimated time of 11hr 33 mins. I hope that means total time to download, not time remaining! On the plus side, I can now see my contacts on the new phone and some of the photos have come across. So it appears to be working. Yay!

Yay for modern technology that makes our life easier!

Pigs arse!

Karen xx











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