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Getting back on track

on November 20, 2016

That’s it! Technology really does hate me. I had this blog past three quarters written and was adding photos and hit goodness knows what I shouldn’t have & lost it all! If you only knew the hassles I had with technology this week, I feel like a broken record when I talk about my trials with technology! First it was our printer (yet again!) and now me losing what I had written. It definitely tests my patience!

But anyway, that’s a whole other bog post, which I’ve already written. More than once I suspect.

Today I am writing about getting back on the LCHF way of eating. That would be Low Carbohydrate High Fat. Yes, really. Throw out everything your doctor or dietician has told you about how you should eat and listen to your naturopath or do your own research. There are plenty of websites out there that can point you in the right direction when it comes to LCHF. I simply share my own experience and thoughts, I don’t have the scientific or technical knowledge behind it. It works for me so that’s good enough for me.

So, why am I needing to get back on track? There are a multitude of reasons as to why I am writing the year of 2016 off. What with Dad being ill and passing away, I managed to put on over 8kg with all the back and forth that was going on (Dad lived 5 hours away from here & I was driving back & forth every second weekend). Most recently, hubby had a motorbike accident & has a few broken body pieces that thankfully will repair. Maybe these are excuses for me to not eat properly, but whatever they are, they are what they are & I take ownership of what I chose to eat these last few months. As I have talked about before, all the back and forth with Dad saw me eating McDonalds because it was easy. Even the kids were sick of McDonald’s meals, so that’s saying something.

So how do you get back on track?


That’s all it takes. Start by having an LCHF breakfast. Here’s what I had today:breakfast-idea


A fry up of white sweet potato (I had run out of bacon), eggs, kale, haloumi cheese and that would be a knob of butter on top! Over 1000 calories on my plate and I’m proud of it!

I didn’t photograph lunch but it was leftover salad of cos lettuce, green capsicum, avocado and red onion with sliced steak on top, drizzled with a yoghurt & dill dressing. It was yummy!

Here’s dinner:

On the left is a pork steak, with a knob of butter melting on top, with some fried asparagus on the side. The pic on the right started as a Caesar salad until I thought I didn’t have any Caesar dressing in the fridge (which it turns out I did), so I improvised and it is constructed of cos lettuce from our garden, red capsicum, grated cheese, hard boiled eggs, an avocado and fried haloumi cheese as croutons. Topped with the (then located) Caesar dressing (no low fat version allowed). It was very tasty.

You don’t count calories when you eat this way  – you count fat and carbohydrate grams – and the higher and lower, respectively, the better. More fat and fewer carbs. That’s what works for me!

I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a set of books for a while. If you have too many books you will get confused about what you should eat, yes?

Here are the books I am reading at the moment, that have re-inspired me:


If you see them, I highly recommend you buy them. Simple explanations, realistic testimonials, recipes, and much more. They are available online if you have a look around her Facebook site here. What Christine says just makes sense.

So I am two thirds of my way through the 3 book set I bought and am feeling suitably reinspired. Hence the knobs of butter on my kale at breakfast and my pork steak at dinner. Christine eats 100 -150 grams of butter every day. Sounds like a winner to me!

Anyway, here I am – 8 kg heavier than I was in July but willing to do something about it.

I can do this. Hot weather has arrived. That means plenty of meat and salad meals. Like chicken wings, sausages, rissoles, steaks, there are so many options!

Will keep you posted as to how I go.

Karen xx




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