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A very sugary, gingerbready afternoon

on November 19, 2016

Today I went to the annual Gingerbread House Workshop in town, my 3rd time out of the 4 years that we’ve been here. I missed one year because we were away at a family wedding.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, a women only event, where everyone begins with the same framework yet no two people’s finished product are the same and there are no right or wrong ways to decorate your gingerbread house. And it’s nice to spend time with friends.

You mean I can’t go wrong? That’s my kind of thing!  Some people are very steady of hand and can do beautiful piping, others can visualise and create gardens and outdoor furniture from their lollies, but not me. And that’s okay. If you cover your gingerbread house with as many lollies as you can, it’s still going to look great. As long as you follow the demonstration on how to secure your walls and roof so you can actually construct the house, that is. It comes as a pre-baked kit. I seem to have this bit mastered.

Here are my efforts this year.


Ta daaa!! All cellophaned up & ready to be cracked open when we have our street Christmas party. Inside the house are dark chocolate Maltesers and some Freckles.


Of course, there are many lollies consumed to sustain whilst we are working.

And I had a delicious piece of pavlova for afternoon tea.

Lots of sugar – ignoring the LCHF way of eating this afternoon! Because that was my choice.

Do you have a Gingerbread House at Christmas time?





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