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Have you started yours?

on November 3, 2016

Have you started your Reverse Advent Calendar?

I talked about it here a couple of weeks ago. The concept is that you put an item into a box or basket each day of the Advent season and then donate it to charity to give to a needy family. Given that Advent finishes right at Christmas, it would be unreasonable for whichever charity you choose to have time to deliver it so we decided we would do it in November and donate it at the beginning of December. So we are collecting for 30 days and at the end should have a nice hamper for someone in need.

Today is the 3rd already, so we were late starting, however, this afternoon we bought a tub from the cheap shop and put 3 items in it.

We have tea, soap and chocolate peanuts. I am at the shops every few days, so will need to program myself to remember to look out for things that we can add. We’re hoping the kids will get involved and come up with suggestions too.


I’ll keep you updated a few times as we go through the month.

A few of you commented that you were interested in doing the same. If you are, please share your pics!




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