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Our food garden

on October 18, 2016

It’s been nearly two years since we moved into our house. I shared our garden and landscaping as we did each bit, so I thought I’d share with you how it has developed.

Our plan is that almost everything growing in our back yard has a purpose other than just looking pretty. Most of our plants’ produce is edible. And for a couple of foodies, that is winning!

Almond nut tree. We have two of these, both producing nuts – we don’t know how to tell when they are ready to eat, but hubby picked one the other day & it was far from ready, so we’ll give them a while longer.


Row of trees –  front is a fig tree (the almond tree in the pic above is before the fig, just not in this photo), then a lemon tree which replaced the macadamia tree which was killed by the winter frost. The far tree is another almond.


Strawberry plants make a great ground cover. We also have blueberries growing in this garden bed. On the shelf below is a curry plant and Ray planted radishes the other day. New veggie patch in the background.

A day’s harvest of strawberries.



Plenty more will be ready in the next few days.



Vegetable patch planted on the weekend. Carrots (seeds not seedlings, so you can’t see them), mini capsicum plant, cauliflower x 4, roma tomatoes x 4, mini cos lettuce x 4. Behind the veggie patch (to the left in this pic) we have a couple of native plum trees and a chilli plant, which are not visible in the photos.



Doing our bit for the bees – they won’t become extinct on our watch! Lavender hedge along back fence is growing well. Every plant has bees. I knew lavender attracted bees, which is why they are along the back fence. If they were close to the house, the kids would see them and never go outside again. This way, the bees can do their thing and they are not bothering us and we can do our thing and we are not bothering them.



There is still oodles of room for the kids to play.


Down the track we may get some chooks. There is something peaceful and therapeutic about having back yard chickens. Plus they eat the spiders! We just need to make sure we are not encouraging snakes or foxes. Because we certainly don’t want them in our yard! Foxes are cute when you see them in the distance and I wouldn’t care if they came into our yard at the moment (which they don’t), but if we had chickens they wouldn’t be welcome at all. And sorry snake lovers, but I don’t like the thought of snakes in our yard. At. All. Never. Ever. And we have built on land that used to be a known snake path. We had snake sightings last summer and our eyes on the lookout already this year.

So that’s where we are up to in the garden.

What do you have growing?












2 responses to “Our food garden

  1. Karen says:

    Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing!
    We currently have lemon, orange, mandarin, olive, fig and mulberry. As well as various herbs. Unfortunately we don’t get much sun. Cannot wait until we move to our big block, which has sun, and we can harvest some awesome crops!

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