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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

on October 16, 2016

I shared on my personal Facebook page the other day how I feel lucky to work in a country school. Our Agriculture Faculty had sent some chickens off to be butchered and I was able to buy a couple, raised and cared for by students as part of their schooling. No nasty chemicals or growth hormones in these chickens. I was also able to buy a few dozen eggs (I have eggs as part of my breakfast every day) and some salad greens – lettuce leaves, spinach, rocket and kale. All produced onsite, all natural, no nasties.

So, being the weekend, with plenty of cooking time available, tonight was the night for our chicken dinner.

Of course I am not going to talk about it without sharing photos!

Forget Colonel Sanders with his 11 secret herbs and spices………I beat him with 14! Which came about because I couldn’t decide what seasonings I wanted to use. Yes, all of these went on the chicken!


Almost ready for the oven……(the chicken on the left looks like a demented pig!)


But I decided there was still something missing! Aaaahhhh…….butter……


I ate all of my dinner.


But we did have more than just chicken. I baked some sweet potato and carrots, which are “sometimes foods” on the LCHF plan of eating, some cauliflower and some kale (which are “go for its” with LCHF). I didn’t have any regular potatoes so I the kids had chips (from frozen) and I made a salad.

Tonight’s salad consisted of leaves from the school’s Ag farm, with some capsicum, cheese, cucumber, red onion, carrot, cheese and pickles thrown in. Topped with a squirt or two of kewpie mayonnaise (the lowest sugar mayo I have found on the supermarket shelf). Leftovers below. (Notice there is no leftover wine in the bottle! – that’s not low carb).


We still have one chicken left, which I have pulled apart for lunches and snacking over the next couple of days.


And I have kept the carcasses to make stock or soup tomorrow.


Which I haven’t tried before, so hopefully it works! Google is my friend.

What was your Sunday night dinner?




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