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Proof that LCHF is right for me.

on October 4, 2016

In the past 13 weeks I have put 8.5 of my 30kg weight loss back on.

Why is it so?

Because I haven’t been following the LCHF way of eating the way it is meant to be followed. I have been all over the place, on holidays, staying at other people’s places whilst helping to look after Dad and comfort / emotional eating.

Hey, when your terminally ill Dad wants to have Baker’s Delight for lunch, you enjoy it with him. When your mother in law puts a steady supply of lollies in front of you, you enjoy them. When you are on holidays you probably will relax the rules a touch. Or more than a touch. When you are on the road it is sometimes easier to just eat what is there rather than lose time by “being fussy”.  I’m not blaming anybody for my weight gain. It’s my fault. I choose what I eat. And I knew I was choosing the wrong foods and decided to deal with it later. “Monday is next week!”.

Not all the food I’ve eaten has fallen under the junk food category. I have eaten what is considered healthy food – fruit, wraps, yoghurt, vegetables……….they just weren’t always the low carb version. And when I start the day with bacon and eggs, the higher carb foods later in the day don’t play well with them.

Well, later has arrived. I am getting back into the LCHF way of eating and have started losing weight again. I want to look how I did 14 weeks ago. I want to lose this extra weight, plus the 10 -15 kg I still had to go. Let’s say I want to get down to 65kg. I have 18.1kg to lose.

I’m going back and revisiting the basic rules to refresh my mind. I am scrolling the Facebook pages filled with people’s comparison pics and tips/questions/recipes. I’m doing this.

Who’s with me?








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