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on July 10, 2016

I wrote a post the other day, talking about markets and how we like a good one.

On Saturday, we headed up to Helensvale to check out the Night Quarter. This is a market on Friday & Saturday nights with live entertainment and where all the stalls are converted shipping containers! 

There were some vacant stalls/empty containers but I guess they are full in the summer season. What we found was mostly food stalls and fewer general stalls. There are only so many dream catchers to see.

It was still a bustling place & at $3 per teen & adult entry fee, I imagine the organisers are covering a good chunk of their costs.

We could imagine it on a warm summer evening,  food aplenty (SO much to choose from), band playing, window shopping, bliss!

But being winter, there were some empty containers & we were finished pretty quickly, so headed back to Surfers for dinner.

Sunday saw us head up to Mt Tambourine, or Tambourine Mountain, or whatever it is called!

Being the second Sunday of the month, the markets were on at the Showground. There were SO many cars that we were tempted to keep on driving, but then figured that if there were THAT many people going, then we should not give up. And they were great! Well worth the hike back to the car. Lots of local produce like avocados and bananas and lots of stalls with handmade stuff- like the timber serving platters that I love but won’t fork out that much cash for and outdoor settings that my dreams are made of and there were some great metal sculptures! If we lived locally there was so much I could buy. Lots of chutneys & sauces & spices & all that good stuff! We ended up buying a new bag to store our plastic bags and an apron. Easy to transport back to Scone!

We had lunch there and by golly, I was super impressed with the prices! A container with 3 large rice paper rolls was only $8. I would have expected to pay $5 for each roll. German sausage in a bun (glorified hot dogs) were only $5. Hunter Valley Gardens, if you are reading this (yeah,right), you need to take note & reduce your prices! (Yeah, right!).

There was a chap there singing for our entertainment & let me tell you- listening to a guy in his 60s singing older songs was a darned sight better than the band that was thrashing it out at their first appearance at the Night Quarter the previous night. We must be getting old!

So after dragging the kids around there for a while and feeding them lunch, we headed off to the Gallery Walk. Which I suppose you would say is the lap of the main street filled with boutiques/galleries to browse. 

It was definitely a good way to spend a day out. The kids did marvellously to not complain. We have one who has just recovered from a cold & one who has both a cold and is recovering from an ankle injury. 3 out of 4 of us are dosed up on cold & flu tablets. 

I bought a necklace at the right end of the street. I find it amusing that all the $50 items were reduced to $10. There were tables of them, so it just goes to show how unrealistic the retail prices are.

I also bought some more kombucha. Yummy!

Anyway, we browsed lots of shops with handmade, crafty items, candles, fair trade/Oxfam stuff, lollies and more jewellery than you could poke a stick at, but my favourite would have to be the cuckoo clock shop. 

Anyway, this was the bulk of our weekend and the kids are relieved that we aren’t heading off to any markets tomorrow! 

We’re thinking of going back to Wet’n’Wild instead. That will make them smile!




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