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Too old to ride?

on July 7, 2016

We spent a day at Movie World this week, which involved us going on lots of rides.

As Liam and I queued up to go on the Green Lantern roller coaster, I noticed that I didn’t see ladies of my age lining up. Or men (Megan isn’t tall enough so Ray took her for an ice cream instead), it was mostly teenagers.

Which got me thinking- at what age is it no longer “socially acceptable” to ride the roller coasters. Or the other rides? Or the  waterslides at Wet n Wild?

When the students at school discovered through Liam that we were coming to the Gold Coast and theme parking, some of them asked if I was going on the rides. They seemed pretty impressed that I do & sounded disappointed when they said that their Mums sit & watch instead.

Now, I happen to like the rides at the theme parks. Yes, some of them are scary, but over the years I’ve been on them with the kids and laughed through each one so the kids wouldn’t be scared. Because a scared parent means an even more scared child. So you don’t let the fear show. Fortunately the kids steer clear of the really scary rides. It means I still get turned upside down three times on the Green Lantern though!

So I ask the question. How old is too old to ride the rides? 30? 40? 50? Dads usually get more leeway as they are the parent who rides with the kids whilst Mum minds hats & sunnies and watches From a safe distance! 

Is there an age at which you think adults are too old to ride the rides?



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