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I need some tact-ical advice

on July 6, 2016

Straight to the point- how do I tactfully tell reception that we don’t like our rooms at our holiday accommodation? 

Let me fill you in, we stayed at this resort this time last year & loved the rooms we were in. When we checked out, we told them we would be back these holidays & they said we could request the same room. Which of course doesn’t mean we would get it but we could ask for it. So we did. Several times, as we made payments towards paying our accommodation. And we didn’t get it. We were demoted 9 floors, to a room that skirts the side of the building & has a longer, narrower layout as a result. And different views. The washing machine & dryer are as old as the hills & sound like they are going to blow up or cark it any minute now. And they are SO noisy! Even way down the other end of the long hallway they are disruptive. The oven must be from the 1970s & like all things of that era (me included), it takes a long time to get going. 

These are first world problems, we know, but very frustrating when we are here for a holiday. We don’t want to have to battle or wrestle with appliances, we want them to work smoothly. We paid for a room with a full kitchen so we could actually use it, it’s not there for decoration. And the frying pan needs to be large, not small. It is a 2 bedroom family apartment, it needs cookware that caters to family needs.

Frankly, if we were put in this apartment last year, we would not have booked here this year- we would have chosen somewhere else in Surfers- there are plenty of choices when you are booking 9 months in advance. And I think this place needs to know that we wouldn’t have returned. And that we won’t return next year unless they can convince us to. If I feel like this, there must be others who feel the same.

So now I need your best tips on how to politely complain. I don’t usually make complaints so I’m not an expert on this!

Please tell me how.

Ready, set, go!


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