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Markets!! (And other stuff).

on July 3, 2016

I love markets. 

I have memories of going clothes shopping with Mum and later with my friends, as a teenager. The Wollongong Showground markets was the place to shop in the mid 1980’s. I still remember a white skirt with panels of lace- it’s hard to describe, but I loved it & I wore it to school on a mufti day & a friend joked that she was going to break into my room & steal it because she loved it too! (RIP Janet, taken too young).

Anyway, where I am going with this post is that we have small markets in our country town. Small population equals small markets. It makes sense. 

So when we go on holidays we keep an eye out for markets. There is so much more to see at markets supported by bigger populations. And tourists, although we do try to steer clear of the stuff that’s aimed for tourists. 

Today we were on the road to our holiday destination & we stopped at Pottsville to visit friends as it was on our way & we had time to kill before we could check in to our accommodation . Hi Kim & Luis! Thanks for your welcoming hospitality. Before stopping in we discovered the Pottsville markets we on, so off we went! (Sorry Mum, we’ll catch up with you soon!)

I got a bit excited when I found these! I tasted a couple of kombucha drinks & decided on the one below. I’ll open it tomorrow. We had some of the pickled/cultured vegetables with dinner tonight.

Those of you who are into fermented foods & probiotics will understand my excitement! 

She has an online shop too- yay! I’ll just have to check out postage costs to Scone.

So we’ve arrived at our destination on the Gold Coast, our annual pilgrimage so to speak & we’ve collected assorted brochures on what to do. Carrara markets are on weekends, we didn’t get there when we were here last year. I remember going there about 25 years ago & they were good but nowhere near the size they are now.

We have also discovered that there is a market on at Tambourine Mountain next Sunday so are planning to make that the day we go exploring there. We haven’t been there before.

And we went to the promenade markets here in Surfers Paradise this evening.

And of course there are lots of family & friends to catch up with, who live on the Gold Coast or close by. It’s important to maintain these relationships in real life & not simply let the online world be our only contact. So there is an element of planning & coordinating to do, whereas we like to see what each day looks like weather wise before making arrangements. But we are here for slightly longer this year, so we will definitely make time to fit everything & everyone  in.

First impression on our accommodation this year is that it’s not as good as last year’s room. We booked the same resort & asked for the same room (reception told us as we checked out last year that we could), however we have ended up 9 storeys lower but with views of both the ocean and the river. I don’t like the layout of this suite but it might grow on me.

Anyway, it’s home for the next two weeks and it’s a darned sight warmer than Scone, so I’ll take it!




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