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Another Goal Reached

on June 27, 2016

This morning I weighed myself. As I do. Every. Single. Day.

Which is a really bad thing to do, apparently, if you are trying to lose weight. Because weight goes up and down every day and you may weigh yourself at a time when it is up rather than down. You are only supposed to “weigh in” once a week or so.

Yeah, nah.

I want instant results. I want to know that my efforts today have made an impact today. If I wait a week, I could have wasted a week doing something that I needn’t have. Or not doing something that I should have. I’m impatient when it comes to weight loss. Like, I’ve been on a diet for two days now, I should have lost six kilos by now! Unrealistic expectations – you know how it is………

Anyway……….after losing 20kg in 20 weeks, it has taken me around 6 months to lose the next 10kg. That sounds like such a long time. But it is a body balancing, sustainable rate of weight loss. That’s what I’m going to call it anyway.

It means I have now lost 30kg. That’s one of my milestones – yay me!

When I started this Low Carb High Fat way of eating, my goal was to lose 40-45kg, depending on how I look when I reach figures like that. I have gone from having to buy size 20 jeans this time last year to buying size 14 this year. And they are starting to have a bit of spare room in them. I would like to wear a size 12 – I think anything smaller would be too small for me. So I’m simply going to continue eating this way (this is a lifestyle, not a diet that you go on and off) and I’m going to let my body decide for itself at what weight it wishes to settle. I don’t have a time limit. I trust this way of eating to do its job.

Because we really, really enjoy all the yummy food we get to eat.








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