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Thermie Dinners

on June 19, 2016

I cooked not one, but TWO meals in my Thermomix last night. Now this is a really  big deal for me, because although I have had my Thermie for almost three years, I still don’t use it to it’s full potential.

Coles has frozen salmon on special this week, so in my travels I stopped and bought some. Three out of four of us who live at home like salmon. Miss 8 is not a fish fan.

The beauty of a Thermomix meal is that it only takes about 20 minutes to cook. Which means I can cook more than one meal in a single evening.

A bit like when I was in Tupperware and was able to promote the stack cooker as a means of being able to get dinner cooked in 20 minutes.

Meal # 1: Dinner for Miss 8 went something like this:

I had 2 chicken thighs defrosted in the fridge (in a zippy bag labelled 3 x chicken thighs, go figure!)

I followed a “clone of sticky chicken” recipe that I printed off the recipe community a few years ago. That invoved the bowl, 60g sweet chilli sauce (I used a sugar free one), 30g soy sauce, 60g peanut butter (the recipe said crunchy but I used smooth) and 20g honey (next time I will use sugar free maple syrup or a carb free sugar alternative). Anyway, I cooked this for 2.5 minutes on Veroma, speed 1. I added the 2 chicken thighs to the bowl and hit reverse stir for about 30 seconds, just long enough to coat the chicken in the marinade. Then I left it all in the bowl and headed to a neighbour’s house for a chit chat. Because it’s REALLY hard for us to catch up, even though we only live a few houses away from each other.

Anyway……the recipe says to bake the chicken in the oven for 30-40 minutes, however I knew that most foods can be steamed in the Thermie for around 20 minutes. So I loaded her up: 500g water in the bowl, a bit of rice in the basket in the bowl, marinated chicken in the lower shelf of the steaming attachment and frozen peas and corn in the top shelf of the steaming compartment. Set the machine for 20 minutes, Veroma temp, speed 4.

The result was a yummy meal that Miss 8 wolfed down! Except the vegetables of course – she needs a little extra encouragement to eat her vegetables, but had a really good go at her dinner. And there is some chicken and rice left 0ver for another meal for her.

Meal #2: Dinner for the rest of us went something like this:

VERY loosely based on the “Herbed Salmon Gratin with Zucchini and Carrot Ribbons” recipe that I printed of the recipe community website a few years ago. To say  “very loosely based” means that I used the recipe purely for inspiration as I didn’t use zucchini or carrot!

Here’s what I did instead:

500g water in the bowl

1/2 teaspoon vegetable stock added to the water

To the basket inside the bowl, add some brussels sprouts and some large florets of cauliflower.

To the base compartment of the steamer, add some green beans and broccoli.

To the top component of the steamer, add the pieces of salmon, skin side down. I sprayed the steamer with olive oil so the salmon wouldn’t stick. Because the slots in the steamer are a pain to clean when there is food stuck in them!

To the salmon, add some chopped shallots and a good shake of garlic powder.

Set your Thermie to cook for 20 minutes, Veroma temp, speed 4 and go and do something else in the meantime.

In my meantime, in a frypan on the stove, I cooked some asparagus spears and sliced red capsicum, in butter, sprinkled with garlic powder and truffle salt.

Once the Thermie sang to me to indicate that its cooking time was finished, Hubby had arrive home from work and jumped in to help dish up dinner. Whilst he was “plating up”, I threw some cream and mustard powder into the juices in the bowl of the Thermomix and cooked it for a minute or two with the Measuring Cup off in an attempt to thicken it up. Yeah, I should have cooked it for around 5 minutes to get it to the thickness I was hoping for, but it was very experimental and Ray was already plating up so there was no time to lose.

What we ended up with was:

  • Meal 1 – a very delicious chicken dish that I will make again but using a lower carb sugar free maple syrup instead of honey and using vegetables instead of rice.
  • Meal 2 – a yummy salmon meal with plenty of vegetables, another one to make again.

No, I don’t have photos – naughty me! I was too busy being impatient to eat than to take pics. I will next time, I promise!

Happy Eating,






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