the huntered housewife

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on June 7, 2016

Many years ago, it would have been 1990 or 1991, we were on a holiday on the Gold Coast and we went bungee jumping.

Oh yes we did!

And no, I will not EVER do it again! I wasn’t afraid of heights before that, now I refuse to even climb a ladder. I do occasionally stand on a chair, but only if there is nobody else around to do it. Lots of people go bungee jumping to conquer their fear of heights. I am strange, I did it and gained the fear!

Anyway, when I was going through all those photos recently, I came across these pics.


The jump was so scary yet so exhilarating.

150 feet high, jumping from a cherry picker outside SeaWorld. Afterwards we were given a glass of wine (much needed!) and a certificate. And I can’t remember if we were given or bought the jumper’s edition of the t-shirt.

Have you ever been bungee jumping? Or done anything that scared the pants off you?




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