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Non Scale Victories

on May 30, 2016

There is a term in weight loss circles that is referred to as NSV. It means Non Scale Victories and everybody who is trying to lose weight experiences them.

It’s when the number on the scales hasn’t reduced yet you notice other changes.

Like the size 14 jeans I bought a couple of weeks ago now fit me properly instead of just being able to zip them up. Last winter I had to buy jeans in a size 20 & that was probably the point at which I decided I finally needed to do something about my weight.

Like being able to buy a few tops in a size 12. Last winter I was straining my XL tops & had started buying XXL.

Like being able to wear my rings again!!! This is a big one with many people who have piled on the weight. Yes I am married and have been for 24 years but don’t wear my rings. Because they don’t fit. Because I got too fat.

Well, now they do.


And that makes me happy!

Do you have a non scale victory to share?



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