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A Typical Day’s Meals

on May 24, 2016

I’ve been asked by someone about meals when starting out with Low Carb High Fat eating.

I don’t write a meal plan – on Sunday I mentally plan and then shop for our meals from Sunday to Wednesday as the kids have after school activities from Monday to Wednesday, making them our busy nights. Every household has its busy nights, so you all know how it is. Having a shift working husband adds more into the mix, but fortunately he enjoys cooking (and is great at it), so he helps out when he can. Some nights he is home and others he needs to be able to take his dinner to work.

So what does a typical day look like meal wise?

Breakfast options:

  1. Bacon & Eggs cooked in butter, coconut oil or olive oil. Feel free to add half an avocado to your plate or some baby spinach to your frypan. NO TOAST!
  2. Bullet proof coffee – make a cup of black coffee and add a tablespoon or two of any or all of the following – butter, coconut oil, cream. NO SUGAR!
  3. Leftovers – got any sausages left from last night’s dinner? Heat one or two up and cook some eggs to have with them. Steak for breakfast – WHY NOT?
  4. Omelette – beat some eggs, add cream instead of milk and be generous with the cheese. Toss in some baby spinach, some cooked chicken or even a chopped sausage – anything really. NO LOW FAT STUFF!

Lunch options:

I don’t usually have lunch because I find that I am not hungry by then. My breakfast tends to tide me over until dinner time on most days. However this is not the case for everybody, so here are some suggestions:

  1. Leftovers from dinner the night before. TOO EASY!
  2. Chicken and salad. I recommend keeping a bbq chicken from Coles or Woolworths in the fridge so you have a ready supply. I love warm chicken in a salad so fill your plate with a variety of lettuce, cheeses (be generous!), cucumber, tomato, radish, capsicum, onion and top it with heated chicken and a good serve of full fat mayonnaise or dressing. Check the labels for the nutrition panels of your dressings and mayonnaises and buy the ones with the lowest carbohydrate and sugar grams. NO LOW FAT STUFF!
  3. Tuna or salmon and salad.
  4. Omelette.
  5. Picky plate – ham, salami, chicken, cheeses, olives, pickles. NO BREAD!
  6. Eating out? Finally you can have a Caesar salad and not be afraid of the dressing. Just leave the croutons on your plate or ask for it without them.
  7. If you google “low carb food lists” you will find (like the name suggests) food lists of allowed foods. Pick as many of them as you like and make a meal from them. It’s not difficult.

Dinner options:

Dinners do not have to be difficult. Use your food lists and create anything you can from the foods on there that you like.

  1. Steak and vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant. Whatever you like from the food lists. NO POTATOES!
  2. Fish and vegetables as above.
  3. Chicken and vegetables as above above. EAT THE SKIN!
  4. Slow cooker meals – lamb neck chops are great with garlic, smoked paprika, turmeric, rosemary, vegetable stock and a tin of tomatoes. We had ours with a crustless vegetable quiche.
  5. Cheesy vegetable bake. Using low carb vegetables that you like from the food lists, baking them in a baking dish using herbs and spices for extra flavour and cream as the basis of your sauce. Use plenty of cheese – cubes of cream cheese are great to find as you are eating your dinner. Grated cheese on top or parmesan cheese. YUMMO!
  6. Stuffed mushrooms – buy those really big ones and top them with cream cheese, sautéed onion and bacon, herbs and spices and them top the lot with grated parmesan or cheddar cheese. Bake them in the oven for 30-40 minutes and they are a meal in themselves. Or you can have them as a side dish.
  7. Chicken curry. Use full fat coconut cream and lots of curry powder of curry spices to make a simple yet tasty dinner. You can serve it with vegetables in place of rice or you can make riced cauliflower.
  8. Sausages and rissoles. Forget your low fat mince, go the whole hog here. Put some cheese in your rissoles (or meatloaf). Serve with vegetables you like from the food lists.

There are many more options for meals. Like I said, get your food lists and simple choose the ingredients you like and make anything you can from them.

What to drink?

You will also find drink options on the food lists. I drink black coffee, bullet proof coffee, tea, water, diet soft drinks and some alcohol. No fruit juice or sugary drinks.

Hopefully this is helpful to those of you who are interested in this way of eating. If you have any questions please continue to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

In the meantime, keep googling along with me and keep me updated with how you are going.





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