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HOW much sugar???

on May 18, 2016

My eyes caught sight of the nutrition panel on a tomato sauce bottle. Now, I know that tomato sauce contains sugar – I think we all know that!

At the time, I also had a single serve tomato sauce at hand. According to the label on the bottle, a 15ml serve of sauce contains 4.4 grams of sugar.


tomato sauce bottle label


That doesn’t sound like too big of a deal. Until you see it in a single serve package.

individual tomato sauce

That single serve package is 14 grams of sauce, lets call it 14ml because it is close enough. It’s a single portion, so one would expect it is pretty well equivalent to a single serve of 15ml squeezed from the sauce bottle.

4 grams of sugar is 1 teaspoon full. One serve contains 4.4 grams of sugar. That single serve squeezy package of sauce right there has over a teaspoon of sugar in it!

That is gobsmacking!

Would you allow your child to buy a pie or sausage roll and sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar on it? No? Because that’s what they are doing when they add the sauce. Adding sugar, on top of whatever sugar is already in whatever they are buying.

Sugar is added to so many foods. It is quite an eye opener when you start reading labels and learning how much sugar is in something. It seems to be everywhere.

So be wise, read your labels and nutrition panels. Take note of the ingredients and serving sizes. Every 4 grams of sugar is one teaspoon.

Be aware of what you are putting in your body. Your body has to last your lifetime.



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