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Madras Curry a la Lamb, my way.

on May 8, 2016

I shopped at our local markets yesterday & bought a Madras Curry spice mix from a friend who has a Your Inspiration at Home business & a stall at all the markets in our area.

After being out for most of today, I needed something easy to cook for dinner in time for hubby to be able to take some with him to work on the night shift.

I had some lamb steaks defrosting, so chopped up an onion, half an eggplant, a bunch of asparagus, half a red capsicum and threw them all in a pan on the stove along with some olive oil and a few decent handfuls of sliced mushrooms.I put in 3 heaped teaspoons of the Madras Curry Spice Mix. Once they’d been frying away for a bit I added a tin of coconut milk, heated it through and then put a lid on the lot and it went into the oven to finish off. I don’t even know how long it was in there because I was chatting to my Mum on the phone at the same time, for Mother’s Day, and I wasn’t keeping track of the time at all.

What I ended up with was a really yummy lamb curry and the kids didn’t realise they were eating eggplant! That’s a win for me. And it was a low carb, high fat meal. Double win for me!

The kids has rice with theirs and I let them use up some leftover tortillas to wrap it in. Kids tend to like things in wraps.

I had mine with cheese crisps – slices of cheese baked in the oven that transform into “crackers”. Great to dip into sauces. If you make these, cut each slice into quarters before baking.


There you have it. An LCHF lamb curry that was a hit with all of us. I’ve been told that I should add it to my list of meals to make again.








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