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More LCHF Dinners

on April 19, 2016

Do you love one pot cooking as much as I do?

I am often at a loss at what to cook for dinner, as I expect happens in every household. Trying to have more than just a handful of meals on rotation, meals that are varied and something that everyone will like. Mothers around the world pull their hair out over meal planning.

Here’s what’s been on our plates the last couple of nights.


LCHF drumsticks

Became this:

LCHF drumsticks finished

Yummy bacony, mushroomy, creamy, saucy chicken drumsticks with asparagus, which were gulped down in record time. The kids had theirs on rice whilst Ray & I kelt it low carb by serving it over grilled zucchini which had been seasoned with olive oil and porcini mushroom infused himalayan salt. Yummo!


Lamb neck chops slow cooker

Became this:

Lamb neck chops slow cooker finished.jpg

Lamb neck chops done in the slow cooker, with brussels sprouts, green beans, mushrooms (of course), onion, tinned tomatoes, vegetable stock and lots of garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary. The kids had theirs on potatoes and I had mine on broccolini and I sent Ray off to night shift with the same as me for his dinner. It was delicious! The meat just fell off the bone, which is a winner in the kids’ eyes as they don’t have to put any effort into cutting it.

Both of these meals are budget friendly, which is always good news for families. Chicken drumsticks are $3.50 to $4.00 a kilo I can’t remember the price per kilo of the lamb neck chops but each packet was between $3 and $4 and contained 4 chops. I used 3 packets, which was 12 chops to feed 4 of us as they do have a decent sized piece of bone in the middle. And being us, our portions are not small. That’s mine in the pic above and I ate it all. Because I love (almost) all things food.

Yum, yum YUM!



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