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Playing around with recipes

on April 13, 2016

Most of you have seen the hasselback chicken recipe that has been floating around facebook recently, along with the stuffed pocket chicken recipe. I think I blogged the hasselback one or I shared it on facebook, I can’t remember which. I just know that our kids think it’s pretty yummy and it makes me happy when they get excited to see it baking in the oven.

This evening I played around with a few recipes I have seen online over the past few weeks and combined a couple and adapted them to our likes.

As usual, I am going to share heaps of photos with you – you should know by now that it’s what I do!

The kids’ version – bacon and cheese hasselback chicken.

kids version

Stuffing for the adults’ version consisted of sliced mushrooms, cream cheese and baby spinach & beetroot leaves, fried up in butter.


After cutting open the chicken breasts, I filled them with stuffing and added grated cheese for moisture. And cheesy-ness.

loading up

With their lids flipped closed. Getting closer!

stuffing chicken

Wrapped in bacon and held together with toothpicks.

close up of raw

Ready for the oven!

ready for oven.jpg

From the oven.

from oven

Just like when I cook sausages, I have to cut one open to make sure it is cooked through properly! I’m not a confident cook.

close up

My dinner.

stuffed chicken

The egg flan/quiche/frittata thingy was super easy to make. I make them often. For this one, I simply sliced up a chrorizo sausage and fried it in olive oil. Meanwhile I mixed 4 eggs with a dollop of thickened cream in a bowl – just done with a fork, I’m all about keeping things simple. Then I poured the egg mix over the browned chorizo in the pan and added some pizza herbs. When it was about halfway set I threw some grated cheese over it and put it in the oven to finish off. I learned that last step from watching my husband cook.

From here it was really simple to fry up some asparagus spears in olive oil. To season I used himalayan salt with porcini mushroom that I bought from Aldi this week. I think I have all of their flavoured himalayan salt grinders. Have you seen them? They are great!

Anyway, that was dinner this evening (with a bowl of salad that was left over from last night) and there is plenty for Ray to take to work for lunch if he wants to, otherwise the kids and I will finish it off for our lunch. And then I will figure out what I want to cook for tomorrow night’s dinner!

What’s been on your plate lately?





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