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Making Moisturiser

on April 12, 2016

Yes I did. I made moisturiser. At home, in our kitchen.

I am slowly switching stuff around our home to more natural products, without nasties that can cause all sorts of ailments.

I have found a company that sells household and personal care products free of nasties and some of their stuff I love and some I’m not as keen on. It’s all personal preference isn’t it? If you’d like to know more about them, let me know and I’ll point you to their website for a look-see and can give you my consultant’s contact details if you have questions that I can’t answer. If you like.

I’ve been researching what is possible for me to make at home with what I usually have around the place. Because we don’t want to have fork out lots of money.

So I finally got around to making my own moisturiser.

I used coconut oil in a soft solid state. If you know coconut oil, then you will know what that means! If you don’t then let me explain. Coconut oil changes between liquid and solid state depending on the temperature where it is stored. It can change form countless times and still be fit for consumption. We are still having 30 degree days here, so my coconut oil is liquid as I store it in the pantry. In winter it is what seems like rock solid! So I took my jar of liquid coconut oil and put it in the fridge to solidify. Then I took it out for an hour or so before I wanted to use it so it wasn’t too hard to work with.

The other ingredient I used was magnesium oil, which I bought at the markets recently and rub into my skin if I get leg cramps. Because I often forget to take my magnesium tablets.

Here’s what I did:

Measure out about 2 cups of coconut oil. If it is liquid state it won’t whip up, so make sure it is in a soft solid state.

Add 15ml of magnesium oil. You can add essential oils for different purposes if you like, but I’m working on cramps, so magnesium it is for me. You don’t have to use oils if you don’t want to and only use coconut oil. Again, personal preference.

coconut oil and magnesium oil

Because this was my first time, I used my hand held mixer. I would like to add that this mixer was a wedding present almost 24 years ago and is still going strong! Maybe because I don’t do a real lot of baking.

whisking in progress

It is like whipping up egg whites, but doesn’t go quite as fluffy. I could have used my Thermomix to whiz this up in about 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes, but I wanted to do it the “old” way first.

whisked up

My plan was to refill my regular moisturiser jar, but I ended up with much more. This should last me AGES!

coconut moisturiser finished

So there you have it. An all over body moisturiser, free of nasties and chemicals.

And that suits me just fine.





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