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Local Countryside

on March 28, 2016

Yesterday we went for a drive to Nundle to the Chinese Go For Gold Festival.

I’ve blogged that before, so this post isn’t about that, however I will say that Ray & Megan got to star onstage in the magic show! We also had a wander through the market stalls and the kids went panning for gold & scored half a dozen flecks each. We could see the Chinese Dragon dancing in the distance but weren’t close enough or tall enough to stop & watch. Anyway, a nice day out was had.

We came home via one of the back roads, which was mostly dirt. We did a different road a few years ago & shredded two tyres. They must have needed replacing anyway. This time we were in a different car, one that is designed to cope with dirt roads!

What struck us yet again was how beautiful the countryside is. Full of hills and valleys and rocks. And cattle! You know you are well & truly in farming country when you reach unfenced paddocks & warning signs about cows on the road. And when you have no mobile phone signal.

Naturally, I took some photos.

Each time you go around a corner or over a rise, you are greeted will gorgeous views, it could be open paddocks or more hills or a creek, most of which are almost dry at the moment.


The yellow sign warns that a school bus stop is ahead.




There’s a road beside the tree in this next pic. That’s someone’s driveway. I love that people are tucked away & you can drive along not knowing they are there. When I find a bunch of letterboxes at the side of the road, I am reminded that there’s a bunch of people who live goodness knows how far along the road. It makes me want to go & have a look.


Of course, no road trip of ours is complete without a pub stop to quench the dusty thirst.

We were invited to linger a little longer at the Linga Longa Inn at Gundy. A popular pub at mealtimes and on weekends. It was quiet when we were there.


The view from our table on the veranda.


Looking along the veranda. I waited for the other people to leave so they wouldn’t think I was photographing them.


The kids, not very excited. Bored with the road trip.


Chillaxing!  I could have stayed there for hours. Such a peaceful place.


Happy Easter! Whatever you did, I hope you enjoyed your day.


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