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on March 11, 2016

We live in horse town.

Our town is the stock horse capital of Australia and a breeding ground for race horses. I recently read that 50% of horses in the Australian horse racing industry are bred here in the Upper Hunter.

The Upper Hunter is an internationally acclaimed and mature thoroughbred breeding region and is one of three international centres of thoroughbred breeding excellence. The region is ranked second only to Kentucky, USA in terms of the concentration of thoroughbred stud properties, the quality and number of bloodlines (Hunter Thoroughbred Breeders Association HTBA, 2012). I got that info from here.

Horse stuff doesn’t end at racing or stock handling. It also covers equestrian events like dressage and show jumping.

Primary and high school students can participate in horse sports with their schools, just as other students can be involved in athletics or footy through school.

Our town has hit the international news this week following an accident at a local horse event last weekend, where an experienced 17 year old rider was killed when her horse fell and landed on her when they were attempting a jump.


Following the tragic accident which claimed the life of Olivia Inglis and her horse in Australia, equestrians around the world are uniting to create a collage in her memory. Please join in sharing a favourite photo of you and your horse with the hashtag #rideforolivia.

So far, over 2.3 MILLION people have added their photos! International support – the horse community is widespread and the creator of the hashtag label didn’t expect it to spread as far as it has.

For horse riders, the accident hits home – a reminder of the dangers of their sport. For non horse people (like me), it reminds us how suddenly our lives can change, how we don’t know what’s in store for us. We feel for the family and friends of Olivia and the spectators who witnessed the fall, the emergency services who never know what their day is going to bring and the wider horse community.

So if you are a horse rider at all, please add your favourite photo of you with your horse to the hashtag as a tribute to Olivia. It’s lovely to see so many people showing their support.




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