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Places in the middle of nowhere.

on March 6, 2016

I can’t resist sharing with you a property that has come on to the market “locally”. I put that in inverted commas because it is 70 minutes away from us, but still considered local enough to be on the Scone search of

Now, I love people and I love having people around me. I also love anonymity and isolation and this property fascinates me!

Have a look at it! It is (in my opinion) magical, unsafe, perfectly imperfect, primitive, unbelievable and adorable all rolled into one.

Click here to see the listing for sale. (This is same link as I put in my first paragraph – both links should take you directly to the property listing whilst it is still on the website). It’s called “Wigglywoad”, which is apt. I imagine one has to travel quite a wriggly road to get there.

It sleeps 14 people, people! It’s a party on a property! It’s the perfect getaway from the modern world! You can only get to it by 4WD and you have to cross the river/creek 9 times (yes, NINE!) to get there. If that’s not isolated then nothing is! I can’t get over the gas bottle in the kitchen. OMG, surely that’s not safe! But anyway, that’s the way it works on this property. There must be oodles of properties out there that have a similar set up. Properties that nobody knows exists.

I’m certainly not intending to buy it or even go looking at it – it’s nice to fantasise about living on a property but I tell you, the snakes and spiders and bugs and other critters and wildlife would scare me too much! I like my comfortable surrounds. We passed a live (large) brown snake on the roadside yesterday in our travels and I certainly wouldn’t like to come face to face with one.

Have you found any unusual properties on the market or otherwise?




One response to “Places in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Kellie says:

    Lol my hubby would love this! Living in the “wild”(Won’t be showing him this one tho)! I like my creature comforts too much…

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