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Tamworth & Surrounds – A Day Out

on March 5, 2016

We headed north to Tamworth today and did lots of exploring.

Usually when we go there, we walk the main street, looking in the shop windows and going inside the shops that are open on the weekend.

Tamworth Show is on this weekend, which is why we headed that direction today. I love a good show. I’m not one to watch the equestrian events, I’m the type who likes to check out the pavillions. We looked through the art, craft, cooking and produce pavillions & admired the handiwork of those who had entered their creations.

Then we found my favourite – the chickens! SO noisy, so fluffy, so gorgeous. I took lots of pics & am about to bombard you with them. Feel free to scroll past if you are not a fan.


We all had a ride on the dodgem cars (one can never be too old for that!) and the kids went inside the giant worm thingy. All good fun.

After we had finished at the Show, we decided it was too early to head home so we went exploring instead. First we found Oxley Lookout and got to see how much of Tamworth we haven’t seen yet.


From there we headed further north to a town called Moonbi because it has a lookout. Are you picking up on a bit of a theme here?


From there we headed towards Werris Creek and the GPS took us on roads we haven’t been on before. Dirt roads, rough roads and after we hit an unexpected dip in the road at a faster speed than we should have we discovered that the Mazda bounces really well!

We stopped in a town called Currabulula – there are some unusual names in these parts but they are lovely little towns with friendly people in them.

Lots of pics of course:


So then we left Currabubula and drove through Werris Creek and Ray took a short cut road I haven’t been on before to get us back to Scone. Yeah, right. It took us to Merriwa, which is 40 minutes west of Scone! But the countryside was beautiful and I kept thinking how these people are living and working their properties and the rest of the world doesn’t even know they exist. Anonymity can be a wonderful thing sometimes! We think the crops are sorghum, although we’re not sure. The paddocks are HUGE – as far as we could see, with mountains way off in the distance. It makes me want to go to the other side of the mountains. I’d probably end up at Gunnedah or Dubbo – they are both west of here.

And that was our day of exploring today!

What did you get up to?





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