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Where are you up to?

on February 26, 2016


I have 5 or 6 ladies who are trying the Low Carb High (Good) Fat way of eating since I started sharing my weight loss a few months ago. That’s pretty cool.

ESP has been in play today – I was wondering how these ladies were finding it & a few have been in contact with some great results!

Well done chickies! I am very proud of you for giving it a go! I hope you are feeling fabulous and very motivated to keep going.

Remember to keep it simple.  As I’ve said before, LCHF needs to be easy to follow and do-able. Don’t get caught up in too many of the fancy dishes that circulate on websites and Facebook. You don’t need substitute junk food, you just need fresh food. Real food.

Use this food pyramid that I’ve shared a couple of times recently. A lady I know runs her own personal training business and has been asking questions about what I eat. She thought it was a pretty good food pyramid – she also makes the connection between carbs, weight and health. She eats carbs that I don’t, like fruit, and rice, however she is aware of her carb intake and she also exercises them off. I don’t exercise, although my job sees me on my feet each day, so I am kind of active. Active enough for my liking anyway!

From whatever you have in your fridge (not pantry – that’s often packaged crap!), you will be able to find something to make a meal.

Here’s what I rustled up at work today:

Chick cheese lett mayo lunch

A disposable container (feel free to use a plate or bowl – I work in a canteen so have these containers readily available), a bed of lettuce, some grated cheese, shredded chicken, topped with mayo. I didn’t have any cucumber chopped, otherwise I would have put some in there too. Simple, simple, simple. The mayo wasn’t the best in carb count as it has to be low fat for the school canteen so it would have added sugar, however it was what I had available and didn’t throw my carb count out of whack for the day. It was about 8 grams for that sized serving. By the end of today, I have still only eaten 18 grams of carbs – still under my guide of 20 grams a day.

I have clicked the next kilo over in my weight loss, now reaching the 26kg mark. This last kilo has taken 3 weeks, which I think is due to me having a (zero carb) beer or two on a regular basis with all this hot weather about. Just because the beer is zero carb doesn’t mean it is a “free food” – alcohol will slow your weight loss down as your body needs to process the alcohol before it can process your fat stores. I’ve lost 2 kilos in the past month, so that is still a respectable move in the healthier direction. TIP: If you want the weight to fall off faster, skip the alcohol!

If you are following along or trying LCHF for yourself, please make sure you let me know how you are finding it. We are in this together!









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