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Men and the Remote Control

on February 21, 2016

Men have this weird fascination with the tv remote control. Everybody knows that if the man of the house is home, he somehow automatically gets control of the remote. It must be because we wives are in control of everything else in their life!

But in our house, that’s a waste of time.

I’m sure tv remotes have a subliminal “go to sleep” function that sends vibes to the person in possession of it (the man of the house) and causes them to fall asleep on the lounge whilst watching that show that they had to watch. Which then leaves a wife (me) who is left with some crap on tele that I have absolutely no interest in watching.

I catch him drifting off and threaten to take the remote away and change the channel, so he puts in in his hand instead of on his lap with a misguided belief that it will stop me. That just makes the sleepy vibes even stronger – they have bare skin to penetrate now, so the effect is much faster.

I take the remote. I change the channel. He wakes up. And rolls his eyes at my choice of show. Chick shows like Teen Mom or Dance Moms or Say Yes to the Dress or Wife Swap or Return to Amish (the Amish people fascinate me) or Sister Wives (they also fascinate me – I can’t imagine why a man would want more than one wife) and my latest finds are 24 Hours in Emergency and One Born Every Minute. I sound like a tv junkie!

Anyway, the fact that men wake up as soon as the remote is removed from their possession simply proves my point that it contains sleep inducing properties that we women are immune to.

Because we are too smart for a tv remote!


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