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Another Weight Loss Milestone Reached

on February 7, 2016

Yesterday, I not only celebrated my birthday, I was also celebrating a weight loss milestone.

I have lost over 25kg since 31 July 2015. Yes, a little over 6 months. Six months and one week.

Yesterday, one of my gifts was to be below 80kg on the scales. Yes, people, I weighed in at 79.7kg. A 25.3kg loss. Woo Hoo!!!! Ray is not far behind me either.

22.5kg was what I considered my half way mark, meaning 45kg is my total weight loss goal, although that’s not something set in concrete, it’s a matter of seeing how I look as my weight drops. I don’t want to go so far that I look too thin. If I go for the 45kg, my end weight will be 60kg, which is certainly do-able but I will see how I look at around 65kg and decide if I want to go that extra bit.

I allowed myself some leeway over the summer break. I work in a school and as a result had the luxury of 5 weeks off work during the summer holidays. We went on a food and wine themed cruise and I said all along that I would be indulging in cocktails. I managed to play with about 1.5kg all summer, which I am happy with – I consider that as maintaining my weight – we all know our weight goes up and down every day. I weigh my lightest on Saturday mornings.

Most days of summer break, I had a zero carb beer or an alcoholic drink of some kind. And I don’t feel guilty for it – I was on holidays from work, the weather was hot, it was evening and my driving commitments for the day were done. I was allowed to indulge. I had planned to relax the rules during my holiday season.

The problem with alcohol and LCHF is that it can stall your weightloss. It stalled mine, hence my 1.5kg yo-yo. Your body ends up processing the alcohol instead of its fat stores. So the more alcohol you feed it, the less fat stores it uses up. The less alcohol you consume, the more fat your body will burn. Now that I am back at work and not having a drink each night, I have lost 2.4kg in a week. And that’s 6 months after starting this way of eating, not my first week.

I am loving the messages I am getting from some of you, telling me how you are travelling with your reduced carb eating. Keep them coming! I get excited for you and you are also inspiring me.


Karen xx


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