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Exploring the Barrington Tops

on February 6, 2016

I have to share with you some photos from our drive this afternoon.

We headed about 90 minutes East to the Barrington Tops National Park. When you hear that it has snowed in the Hunter at locations of higher altitudes, they are usually referring to the Barringtons. Parts of the National Park get closed in winter for safety reasons. There are lots of gates that get closed to stop people from going further than they should.

Anyway, today I was like a Japanese tourist, taking lots of photos of scenery along the drive. We live in such beautiful countryside, mountains after mountains. I’ve said before that it seems like you get to the top of one mountain and there is another mountain right there in front of you and it makes you want to keep going to see what’s on the other side. You will see row after row of hills and mountains in some of the photos.

I just kept thinking “imagine if this was your back yard”. Because, for those who live on the acreages along the road, these views are their back yard.

Here we go – without much commentary, as words can’t do it justice. It really is breathtaking.

Squeezing in between the trees:


This is how I imagine the English countryside looks. SO green, but I’m not sure it’s so steep!


There were a few locals along the way:


There are bees in these boxes. The brown you can see on the outside of a couple of boxes are bees.


You have to open the dingo gate and close it behind you. It kind of feels like you shouldn’t be there.


The entrance to one of the picnic areas. It was like a movie scene! Can you see how there isn’t much light at the base of the trees in the middle of the photo?


These pics were taken with a flash, but it was darker than you would expect. Check out the height of the trees – that’s Ray in the background of the photo. No matter how far away I stood, I couldn’t get a photo that showed the top of the trees with Ray in the pic for a height comparison:


The kids walking along a log. Lots of moss, it’s a damp area. Can I add – it was 14 degrees here so we didn’t stay too long.12647187_10153691753378964_4921759725903596761_n

Looking straight up, trying to get the full height in. Can you even imagine how old these trees would be?


All of a sudden the forest stopped and this was on the other side – instant bush:


Views along the road to the Barringtons:


Mountains and more mountains:


Lots of hills. These are people’s farms.


Another local:


What’s behind the mountain? More mountains!


Spectacular views:


She was clean before we went out!


And of course, being in the country, there are pubs in the small towns and we stopped at one of two on the way home.






And surrounding areas:





And that’s what we got up to on my 46th birthday today!


Karen xx.






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