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What to take when you take a plate

on January 25, 2016

Hubby Ray put together a fabulous picky plate to take to some friends’ house the other night.

Here ’tis:

platter to take to bbq

Twiggy sticks (check labels as some contain more carbs and sugars than others), cheese crackers (I made them!), olives, pate (check the labels), smoked cheese, camembert cheese, wasabi cheese (yes, check labels!), artichokes, dip in the centre (broken record here, check labels!) and finally, figs around the outside – they are allowed a couple of times a week, not every day. We took some crackers too – not everyone is a low carb enthusiast.

Lots of yummy deli style items makes for an impressive picky plate – wouldn’t you agree?

I like it when Ray gets busy in the kitchen. He made breakfast the other day:

oppsie bread bacon egg rolls.jpg


Oopsie bread bacon and egg rolls!!!

Oopsie bread is made from eggs and cream cheese. There’s a recipe here if you would like to give it a go. We ate our breakfast with a knife and fork rather than pick it up as a roll. I think if the pieces were smaller they may hold the weight of the fillings but I didn’t want to risk it when they were this big.

If you give them a go, make sure you let me know!




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