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More LCHF Benefits

on January 23, 2016

My hubby has gone from “I don’t wanna be a blog!!!!!” to it’s okay, “write whatever you like”.

So this time I get to write about him! Well, his medical improvements anyway. I didn’t have any diagnosed medical conditions prior to changing how we eat, so to talk about me would be pointless. As far as I’m aware my blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure have all been fine. I don’t get sick, so trips to the doctor for me are rare. I am overdue my girly checks, so need to get onto that sooner rather than later. I’m heading back to work in the next few days so I suppose my opportunity has passed as I’ve been too busy spending my time relaxing. I guess I will make myself a Saturday appointment. Remind me not to forget, okay?

Anyway………I often get sidetracked and today is no exception.

For years Ray’s blood pressure has been high, very high. Like, when he had his medical nearly 4 years ago for his current job, they sent him home with a letter for his GP, advising that his blood pressure was high and needed treating. Which was no news to Ray, his GP or I. We already knew that it was too high and I knew that he was a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen. A BP of around 165/145 is WAY too high! Yes, that was his highest measured blood pressure.

Fast forward to now and Ray’s blood pressure has been checked again, after approximately 6 months of a Low Carb High (Good) Fat eating plan, it came in at 130/80, which the doctor said is perfect for his age. (Because for the next two weeks he is OLDER than me!). He should be able to come off his medications in the next few months, under supervision of course.

I guess his 21kg weight loss is making a difference!

And that makes me happy because it means I should have my hubby around for a bit longer! My plans to be the crazy cat lady have been put on hold.




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