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More snippets of our time away

on January 20, 2016

Some of the photos are sideways & if I could put them right way up I would! Alas, techno idiot surfaces again. It’s not as simple as right click & rotate – I think I needed to do that before uploading them here. It gives you a neck workout. You are welcome.

Our view from our room in Darling Harbour, Sydney. Life’s tough!


Even the bin in the motel room was segregated – I made sure I put my empty water bottle in the recycle side. Don’t want to get it wrong & get into trouble!


A beer at the Pumphouse Tavern, we had a beer or two here in our early days of dating.


A tile mural of Darling Harbour – this is what we were looking at whilst drinking the beer in the above pic.


At Madame Tussaud’s Waxworks, Darling Harbour, Sydney


Michael Hutchence – the world lost a sexy man when he passed away.


Taken at the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Darling Harbour, Sydney


Peaceful, relaxing and calming waterfall in the Chinese Garden of Friendship


People talk about how blue the Pacific Ocean is – every time we stepped out on deck, I mentioned it too. It has to be seen to be believed.


A moment in time in our exploration of the ship


I took a pic of what I wore every day. Was busting to wear this new dress, OMG who IS this woman???? In a dress?????


The ship’s band performing in one of the lounges


Waiting for the Magic Carnivale show to start.


Pic of our cabin after staff member Archie had been in to turn our bed down.


Waiting to disembark. Don’t want to go back to reality!


The ship, Pacific Pearl


One of the professional pics taken on board


Another of the professional pics


And that’s about it for this post and our time away, except to say that it was fabulous and as much as I enjoyed it, it is good to have the kids back and be back home.



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