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LCHF when Cruising

on January 19, 2016

We’re back! We’ve been away on and off for over a week now. For a while I didn’t even know what day of the week it was, and I didn’t need to know. That is one of the luxuries of relaxation.

Hubby & I escaped for a 3 night Food & Wine themed cruise. The younger kids stayed with his Mum & Mr 20 stayed home as he lives his own life these days, with commitments independent to ours. We also had a night in Sydney both before and after the cruise, to break up the driving as we live several hours away and the kids were even further away!

Taking LCHF on holidays can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. It’s all in the attitude, just like in regular life. You can go “oh it’s too hard, I have to eat this bread roll with dinner” or “all the meals in this restaurant come with mashed potato or chips” or there are a multitude of things we can say. BUT, just because a menu offers a particular meal doesn’t mean you can’t ask to change that meal. If you are going to be tempted by the chips on your plate, ask for no chips & eat the salad with your steak instead. Ask for no potato – I’m sure the restaurant would rather not dish it up than have to throw it away because they put it on your plate and you didn’t eat it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. I never ask for a low carb meal because I don’t presume that the staff know what that entails. I simply ask “what are the vegetables that come with this meal?” and then I tweak it by asking if I could please have it without the potato or pumpkin or with just the beans and zucchini or whatever the case may be. I haven’t had an eatery refuse me yet!

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I wanted to talk about eating LCHF when you are on holidays, particularly a cruise.

We ate most of our meals at the buffet on the ship as there was so much to choose from. At breakfast, we bypassed the cereals, juices, fruits, yoghurts, rice puddings and danishes and made a beeline for the coffee, sausages, bacon, eggs and vegetables. One morning I had cheesy broccoli and cauliflower at breakfast!

At lunch we skipped the filled bread rolls and went for the chicken pieces, cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, salad bowls and nuts. Here’s a pic of lunch that I took one day:


I didn’t take a lot of photos as we were too busy enjoying life and we didn’t carry our phones with us as we had no reception. When you are on a cruise you only need to carry your cruise card on a lanyard around your neck and believe me it was lovely not to be carrying a handbag around!

We don’t usually eat lunch, but we did because we could and everyone knows that anytime after lunch is beer o’clock and we wanted food on our stomachs before adding alcohol!

Dinners at the buffet were similar – bangers and mash were on offer from separate trays, making it easy to skip the high carb mashed potato. Chicken cacciatore or other saucy dishes were in a trays on their own – any rice was in a separate tray. I loved the fried fish pieces. And the chargrilled capsicum and eggplant. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see them at the buffet! I was, however, expecting to see prawns or oysters, and was disappointed not too, but I guess that’s what was available when cruising 20 or 30 years ago. Times have changed. With all the choices we did have, it was easy to skip the pasta dishes and the potato bake or potato salad (which we know wouldn’t have been as nice as what we used to make at home).

We had dessert on our last night, breaking our LCHF rules. There were no LCHF friendly desserts and I didn’t expect there to be. I had a piece of apple strudel, which I knew was not going to be anywhere near as good as what my mother in law makes and I was right. I didn’t even eat half of the piece, it was stodgy.  I also chose a piece of chocolate cake, which was not as nice as I had hoped – it would have been better if it was a chocolate cheesecake. Their ice cream was also not as nice as I wished it would be. So it simply proved to me that I really didn’t need dessert!

Where I was happy to break the rules was in the cocktails. I made sure my food choices were good so that I could indulge in pina coladas. I tried a few other cocktails, depending on which lounge we were in, but kept coming back to the summery pina colada. The alochol and cream in them are okay LCHF wise, it’s the pineapple juice that packs the sugar hit! Yes, there were drinks and cocktails that are low carb. I could have stuck to low carb beer or had scotch & coke zero, but the problem with the scotch drink is that it is in a small glass and therefore too strong for my liking. When I make one at home, it is a small amount of scotch and a massive amount of cola in a tall glass. By ratio, probably a half nip or even less! On board it would have been way too strong. What I am trying to say is that you can drink alcohol on board and stay low carb. I had chosen in advance that I was going to indulge.

In terms of weight, it was only a 1.3kg difference on the scales after nearly a week away in total, which could have been much more had I not kept my food in check.

Do you have any questions about eating LCHF whilst away from home?


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