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When you get sick of bacon & eggs

on January 5, 2016

I’ve been following this LCHF way of eating since 31 July 2015. That’s over 5 months.

That means that I have had bacon & eggs cooked in butter. Every. Single. Morning. For. More. Than. Five. Months.

I’m a bit bored with that now. Did you figure that out?

I know that bacon & eggs works for me. It gets me on a good path for the day by filling me up & I’m not usually looking for anything until 3 or 4 pm. Except a cuppa. Or 6. I could drink tea & coffee all day. Especially rooibos tea. Or earl grey. Or black lychee. Or plain black. There are so many teas out there! But that could be a whole other post.

Now, where was I? Oh, that’s right, breakfast. As I am writing this, I am also eating this:


Today’s breakfast is a twist on bacon & eggs. The way we eat is not zero carbs, it’s low carbs. We still eat carbs, we just choose to get them from vegetables instead of bread or rice or pasta, etc. This morning I am getting carbs from cabbage.

Here’s how I made it. Chop some cabbage into strips, however much you want to eat. Chop 3 pieces of shortcut bacon (you could use any bacon, shortcut is what was in my fridge). Throw a spoonful of butter into the frypan. Use a big spoon, not a teaspoon. Or use a knife, whatever will be fine. Melt the butter, add the bacon & cabbage to the pan. Put a load of washing in the washing machine & clothes in the dryer because it’s raining.

Come back & stir your butter, bacon & cabbage mix. Go to your spice rack & come back with garlic, smoked paprika, Himalayan pink salt & the pepper. These spices go in most meals we cook at our house because we love how they taste. So pop in however much you want of each. You can play around with whatever spices you like, curry powder would probably be nice in this. There are carbs in garlic & paprika but I don’t bother adding them into my carb count. My carbs are so low in a day that one or two grams from spices won’t make a difference.

Go to the fridge & come back with thickened cream & grated cheese. Pour a good slosh of cream on top of your bacon & cabbage & watch it turn a beautiful golden colour. If it’s not saucy enough then simply add more! Throw a handful of grated cheese on top & give it half a minute to start melting, then stir it up. Once it’s all nice & hot, it’s ready. The sauce will have thickened slightly. Whack it onto your plate & decide if you want to have anything else with it.

Like leftover chicken or sausage or steak from last night’s dinner. Or ham or salami or whatever takes your fancy. Or hard boiled eggs leftover from last night’s picky plate dinner. And of course I had to add some pickles to my plate. Because I can.

This is a meal you could have at any time of the day. The way we’ve eaten in the past has been turned on it’s head. Dinner foods can now be eaten for breakfast. Heaven forbid!

I’ve lost 22.9kg by eating foods just like this. And I don’t feel deprived in the slightest.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Karen 😄


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