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I beat the leg cramps!

on January 3, 2016

Yes, yes, YES!!!

The leg cramps are gone – hopefully for good.

If you remember, leg cramps can be a side effect from following a Low Carb, High Fat way of eating. Your body has been used to receiving (or not) particular nutrients for the past however many years that we have been eating anything and everything. When we change what we eat, our body changes the way it reacts.

My leg cramps were waking me several times a night – sometimes as often as every hour from 2:30am until I got up around 6:30 or 7:30. I can tell by my Garmin/Fitbit thingy the nights that I was up walking off cramps as it shows the time I was awake or active on a graph.

There’s a reference to LCHF and leg cramps and what to do about them here.

And another here.

And yet another here.

You will notice that all three articles refer to an electrolyte imbalance. One that can be remedied with increasing magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. I think I have finally found my balance.

Each day I take the Aldi equivalent of a Berrocca. It’s called Essential Health and contains Vitamins B & C as well as calcium, magnesium and zinc.

I also take a magnesium supplement that also contains calcium and Vitamin D. It’s a Blackmore’s brand and I take two tablets each morning. I used to take some at night too, but didn’t find the extra was making a difference.

I also take a Nature’s Own L-Lysine supplement tablet each morning as a preventative to cold sores. Because I am prone to them after being in the sun, in the wind, when run down, when stressed, anytime really and I feel this is making a difference. Even the kids have said I haven’t had a cold sore in ages.

Every second day I take a probiotic powder dissolved in water. It is Modere brand, not available in stores, only through a consultant.

The local chemist had me taking a Hydrolite dissolvable tablet in water, which worked for a few days, but not long term, so I gave that up.

So it sounds like I take a bit of a cocktail each day but it’s what works for me. I am 45 and have been eating foods that disagree with me for all my life. Because we have been told they are healthy. The food industry has a lot to answer for. If sugar doesn’t kill us, additives will. But that’s a whole other conversation.

Even though I take this stuff each day, it wasn’t enough on its own to alleviate my leg cramps. I still needed to find the missing ingredient and I have finally found it!


Yes. Salt.

That thing, that chemical, that we have been told is bad for us. I use Himalayan Pink Salt because it has extra minerals in it that have not been processed out. You can buy it a Coles or Woolies; it’s next to the regular salt. Regular white salt, rock salt or sea salt won’t cut it, it doesn’t have the extra minerals in it that the Himalayan Pink stuff does.

Find out about the benefits of Himalayn Pink Salt here; or this page tells you the minerals that can be found in it. Some of them I have never heard of before.

So I re-introduced salt to my cooking. If I make an omelette, it has salt in it. If I’m cooking vegetables, I add salt to the sauce. I add it to steak when cooking it. I find ways to include it and it seems to be the element that was missing. It seems to be the cure to my leg cramps.

And that, my friends, makes me happy!





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