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Alive, the Hills are, with Music, the Sound of….

on December 30, 2015

I think  you have already worked out what this post is about! No, it’s not Star Wars!

Today we took a 3 and a bit hour drive to Sydney to watch the stage show The Sound of Music. And it was well worth the drive! It’s on at the Capitol Theatre, which Ray and I have been to before, to see The Merry Widow. The beauty of the theatre itself needs to be seen to be believed.

Having married into an Austrian family, The Sound of Music holds a special place in the hearts of our household and we like to watch it whenever it is on tv. One of the local theatre companies is putting it on as a production next year, so we will definitely be going along to watch it. It was suggested to us that our son Liam should audition for a role in the local production, however we will be away for the last two weeks of rehearsals so it isn’t to be. That’s if he was even to be successful in winning a role.

So of course, once I found out the show was on in Sydney, tickets were bought as Christmas gifts and off to the matinee we went.

And what a great show it was! Our favourite songs were in there, along with some that aren’t in the movie. The ever favourite Goatherd song is in there, albeit in a different scene, but it’s there. The children do a great job in their roles and the Reverend Mother – oh my, what a voice! I spent most of the show watching through eyes filled with tears, the show was so moving. Every song made me tear up with sentimentality and joy. I recommend going along to see it if you have the opportunity.

Photography during the show is strictly prohibited, so I just have a couple to share with you.

The outside of the Capitol Theatre, taken from the cafe across the road.

Outside the Capitol Theatre Sydney for The Sound of Music

Being posh ladies in foyer of the posh ladies room!

posh ladies room at The Sound of Music.jpg

Our two cherubs waiting for the seats to fill up so the show could start.

Liam and Megan at The Sound of Music

Is The Sound of Music a favourite of yours? Have you been to any live theatre? We are hoping to make live theatre a more regular occurrence for us. It is well worth it!





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