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Boxing Day

on December 26, 2015

Boxing Day – what a beautiful and relaxing day we’ve had. Maybe not Ray so much, he mowed the lawns. On his ride on mower on which he won our street’s inaugural mower race last weekend!

Tomorrow is the end of the Christmas celebrations, so it’s back to housework for me. I’ve kept the washing up to date and I’ve run the vacuum over the floor and cornices (and believe me, it takes a couple of hours to do this place properly). but the bathrooms need a clean and the floor needs mopping and I would like to get rid of some of the accumulated junk around the place. We seem to be developing more junk drawers and I need to go through them and file what we need to keep and get rid of what we don’t. The younger children’s bedrooms have already been sorted, the 20 year old one is old to enough to sort his own (which desperately needs doing) and I should sort out the linen closet again.

Anyway……….as usual, I start typing and go off track. That happens when you type as you speak. I tend to let it all blurt out and then go back and edit if I need to.

What I want to show you is the what that Ray cooked for dinner tonight. No recipe, as it changes every time we make it. As I have said before, LCHF meals don’t always look the prettiest on the plate, but they taste fabulous and they make you lose weight!

I present to you – paprika chicken with vegetables! It was delicious.

paprika chicken.jpg

I also want to share with you a progress pic. Not for accolade or praise, more so that I can see the difference in me. When you look at yourself every day,  you don’t notice the difference so much. Some of you hav e seen this pic on my personal Facebook page already. The pic on the left was taken on Christmas Day 2015 and the one on the right was taken late Aug/early Sept 2015 when I had already lost some weight, so there’s about 3 1/2 months between them and 15-20kg difference. I am about halfway through the amount I want to lose, so I will be writing weight loss posts for a while yet.

progress pic Christmas 2015.jpg

How was your Christmas and Boxing Day?



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