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Christmas Dinner Our LCHF Way

on December 24, 2015

This evening we celebrated Christmas the European way – on Christmas Eve. And tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas Day. I am from an English/Australian family and married into an Austrian family and ever since I started dating my husband 25 years ago, our Christmas celebrations have been two separate occasions. No juggling trying to get to both sides of the family on the same day and the kids think it’s great because they get two lots of presents!

Since we moved away, we haven’t been with family for Christmas – it’s just us. My mother-in-law often comes to stay a weekend or two before Christmas, although that didn’t happen this year, as we saw her early December and we will see her again in January.

Where I am going with all this is that because we have two Christmas celebrations, we have two Christmas dinners.

Tonight’s dinner was a big success, so tomorrow’s lunch will simply be a repeat of it. Winning!

I bought a cooked piece of turkey from the supermarket, that was ready to eat cold or could be heated in the oven. We chose the heated option. For the kids we went simple and teamed it with some oven baked chips and a platter with mango, lychees and cherries.

The grown ups had the turkey, oysters two ways (some with ham and garlic sauce and some with sugar free sweet chilli sauce and thai style spices) and prawns with garlic aoli. Ray had a salad with his but I was full enough with just the proteins! And there was a bottle of red wine shared. Carbs, but it’s Christmas!

The adult son has turned vegan, so he made himself some vegan sushi, which looked very nice, but it’s definitely not LCHF!

I baked a duck to give us more options and we decided we will cut it up for Christmas Day lunch, with leftover turkey, more oysters and the rest of the prawns. I have promised the kids baked potatoes, so will be making them and it will be salad for the adults if we feel we need it. Or we can cook some vegetables. We’ll decide tomorrow. I have the fridge well stocked to give  us plenty of options.

It’s all pretty simple. Good, fresh food like we all try to eat.

What’s on your plate this Christmas season?

Merry Christmas to you!

Karen. xx


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