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Picky Plate Dinners on Summer Days

on December 20, 2015

A hot summer’s day in Australia often calls for dinners that require minimal cooking. I’m sure many of you grew up just like I did – the Man of the house cooking the meat on the barbecue outside and the Lady of the house inside making the salad. As kids we’d drag ourselves out of the pool, have a quick dry off & throw a t-shirt on over our swimmers so we were “dressed for dinner”. Lots of families are coming home from the beach at dinner time & need something easy to eat that everyone will have a go at.

We are so fortunate to live in a country where fresh food is readily available. And shops that seem to be open endlessly so we have the opportunity to go and buy all the yummy food on offer. Stick to the perimeter of the supermarket & you will be buying all the good stuff, you must have heard that tip before. You won’t find real food in the aisles – they are full of the stuff made in factories & are designed to look & taste like food, thanks to chemicals, preservatives and other additives. Think about your supermarket layout – you usually enter directly into the fruit & vegetable section. Follow that around and on the back wall you will find meat, go a bit further and you will find the dairy cabinets & then the freezers. There are some good things in the freezers, believe it or not. Like frozen cauliflower or broccoli. Not frozen chips. Or chocolate ice cream. Or pizzas. Remind me to share a couple of LCHF pizza recipes with you. We’ve made pizzas a few times & they are pretty darned good! I’m sure I could even find an ice cream recipe for you too.

Anyway, back to picky plate dinners. This is one Ray made for me a couple of nights ago & he made a similar one again this evening. Very filling, I couldn’t finish this one. The only extra thing to add would be something in the good fats department – like some avocado or a creamy or cheesy dressing. Just open your fridge & I’m sure there will enough in there that you could make something like this.

picky plate

I recommend always having a cooked chook on the go in the fridge. I buy the hot chickens from Coles & tear them up whilst still warm (it’s easier than when they are cold) & put in a container in the fridge so at anytime I can grab a bit to munch on or there’s the basis of a meal. If it’s in the fridge & “grabable” then it can be your go to snack instead of standing in the pantry staring at all the junk food that you really don’t want anyway. It’s about planning ahead and being prepared.

Hot weather also equals lots of salads. Refer back to your list of LCHF approved foods here or here. Again, you will probably find lots of these foods already living in your fridge. Empty your crispers on to your bench & go for it. Get a vege spiralling gadget & add zucchini spirals to your salads too.

Here’s one of the salad platters we made at home recently, which you could serve up with meat, fish, prawns, chicken, cold meats, etc for lunch or dinner. Or breakfast if you want to. It’s up to you.

lchf salad platter

Looking at the platter, it does look to be smothered in cheese. There are two types of chopped up cheese in there (a creamy and a smoked), plus some grated parmesan on top. Get excited & use camembert or blue cheese, or havarti or mozzarella or bocconcini or fry some haloumi. Whatever cheese you like, just make sure you check the nutrition panel & I would suggest you give the fruit cheeses a miss due to the sugar content. Also in the above salad platter is baby spinach, red capsicum, red onion, zucchini noodles, the ever important pickles and you could add olives or avocado or sliced chilli or whatever you like.

This is a fabulous way to eat to have the chance to try foods that you haven’t had before. I discovered that I like pickles, I ate an olive in a salad (I usually only eat them in small quantities on pizza) and the other night I cooked oysters 3 ways & loved them!

Get excited & get experimenting. You might just create a masterpiece!







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