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Surviving Christmas Parties

on December 19, 2015

‘Tis the silly season & we all know how easy it is to eat so much more food than we usually do. And foods that are different to what we usually eat.

Like pavlova, fruit mince tarts, chocolate slice, caramel slice, white Christmas, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding just to rattle off what immediately comes to mind. That’s before you even start drinking extra alcohol – brandy, scotch, port, mulled wine, regular wine and of course the beers that don’t even need a reason to be cracked open.

Plus all the edible gifts you receive – boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine, rum balls, slices, shortbread biscuits, the list goes on.

Now that I’ve got your taste buds all excited just by mentioning all these foods and beverages, I am going to disappoint you and tell you to stay away from them all!

Yes, I am the party pooper. Ask my kids, they’ll tell you.

You don’t need that stuff. If you’ve been following a Low Carb High Fat way of eating, you won’t even want that stuff.

We had a lovely Christmas lunch at work on our last day for the year. Beautiful fresh food, laid on courtesy of the boss. And there was beer and wine available too.

Those of you who follow along with me know that I don’t usually eat lunch, but I wanted to be sociable, so I broke my #1 rule and ate, even though I wasn’t really hungry. I grabbed a disposable plate and joined the line up to load it up. One work mate pointed to the pasta salad & commented (in a friendly manner, she is a very nice colleague) “you can’t have any of that” to which I replied “I don’t want any of that, there is plenty here for me to eat”. So I chose a piece of chicken, a piece of ham, bypassed the beef simply because I had already seen someone’s plastic fork break when trying to cut it & I put lots of green salad on my plate (which consisted of lettuce & cucumber) and a bit of baby spinach from another serving bowl. I bypassed the pasta salad, rice salad and potato salad & still had a plate full of food. And I didn’t have a bread roll, one of my favourite things in the past, but I didn’t even contemplate eating one. I knew it wouldn’t make me feel very good, so why would I choose to feel yucky?

I opted for diet soft drink instead of alcohol (bottled water was also available but I felt like having cola) – I don’t drink alcohol when I have driving ahead of me & I was driving home as soon as the function was finished.

I wasn’t tempted by any of the snacky food that was on offer, foods that in the past I would have readily tucked into – biscuits & dip, potato chips, regular party snack food. I am by no means being critical of what was on offer, it is standard fare. I just don’t eat that anymore. And when you are out of the habit of eating it,  you don’t want it.

This weekend we are attending a street Christmas Party with all the neighbours (including those whose house is still under construction, I am pleased to say). We are taking taking control of our eating by taking a cheese and cold meat platter to share. Our neighbours all know we eat this way & are non judgemental & happy for us to bring along anything we like. We can make cheese crackers or bacon crackers to have with dips & I am sure there will be plenty of salads to go with the bbq that’s happening. We have a few creative ideas that we are hoping will turn out. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

If you want to have a Christmas drink or two, remember to plan ahead and My Fitness Pal or Google your drink options in advance so you know what is a better carb choice. Remember, I am not going to tell you too much about what to drink as I don’t want to turn any of you into a soak. I might have shared my alcohol choices in an earlier post – I would need to go back & have a look. Stay away from the cocktails!!!!! Says me, who is going on a food & wine cruise next month & planning on working my way through the cocktail menu lol!

I guess the main point I am trying to make is that when you find yourself at a Christmas Party this silly season, you will find plenty to eat & will not go hungry. If you must hit the snack plates, have some cabanossi or salami with a piece of cheese instead of a Jatz cracker. Celery sticks are usually available to have with dips. Maybe when you are shopping, have a look at the nutrition panels on a few dips so you have an idea of which ones to avoid. Pate is great! Go for the twiggy sticks. But remember, you probably won’t even be hungry, so if you listen to your body you probably won’t even need to look at the snack plates!

Let me know how you go!





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