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What About Side Effects?

on December 17, 2015

Everything we do in life has side effects. Or consequences. Feel free to use whatever terminology you want.

Does this Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) way of eating have any side effects? Yes it does. You may notice some of the following:

# Weight loss

# General aches & pains disappear

# Clear skin

# Bloating (that you may not even realise you had) disappears

# No more swelling of hands and feet

# More balanced hormones (less PMS, ladies!)

# Improved blood pressure

# Improved blood sugars – lots of people get to say bye-bye to Type 2 Diabetes

# A general feeling of well being

# Shopping for new clothes!


And…………now the negatives…………

# Your regular clothes start falling off

# Some people get constipated

# Some people get leg cramps


So, what do you do to combat the negatives?

  1. Go shopping & buy some smaller clothes. Or you may be like me & have been several sizes over the years & as a result you have a new wardrobe without having to shop for many items.
  2. You are not eating as much crap as before & are eating less in general, because you should only be eating when you are actually hungry, not out of habit or from emotions. Eating LCHF means your body is using more of what you are eating & you have less waste, so it’s normal to not go to the loo as often as before. Make sure you get your carbs from vegetables. Ensure you drink lots of water for good hydration. Make sure you are getting lots of good fats to oil your insides. Bullet proof coffee works well. Add pysillium husks to meals if you like.
  3. I have been getting leg cramps for probably a month now. How to combat them is a question that is regularly asked on the facebook pages I follow. I started taking a magnesium supplement, then was told I should take one that includes calcium & Vitamin D, so I switched to that. I am still being woken by leg cramps a couple of times a night. Himalayan pink salt should be your salt of choice & don’t forget to use it in your cooking or on your meals. We have been told for so many years that salt is no good for us, but without eating so many other foods that have salt added, you do need to replace it in your diet. Himalayan pink salt has extra minerals in it that aren’t in standard white salt. And it tastes nice. Do you remember that I mentioned a few posts ago that pickles were important? It’s to do with leg cramps. Some days I eat pickles & some days I don’t. I’ve heard of some people who drink a spoonful of pickle juice when they get a cramp & they swear it works immediately! Tonight I have eaten a couple of pickles and I drank a couple of teaspoons of the pickling juice out of the jar. When you are late going to bed anyway, being woken a few times during the night isn’t the best feeling. So we’ll see if I am walking off cramps at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 & 5:30 tomorrow morning or not.

These are the pickles that are a standard grocery item in our house. Check out how few carbs!


When I was researching magnesium, I discovered that a deficiency in magnesium can be behind several conditions. I thought I’d include a couple of links in case you are interested. I included “bodyandsoul” only because it’s an Australian site, I don’t usually have a very high opinion of what they sprout. But you might. You are quite capable of forming your own opinions.,9841

As you can see, most of the side effects are easy to cope with. And very welcome!

I’ll see how I go with the leg cramps tonight.




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