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So What Do I Drink?

on December 17, 2015

Hydration is SO important.

Not just when you follow a Low Carb High Fat way of life. It doesn’t matter how you eat,  you need to make sure you are well hydrated.

I am impressed at how many bottles of water are bought by students at the school canteen I work in. At $1-00 for a 600ml bottle, it’s cheap. The students often buy the water based ice blocks over the milk based ones. I sell oodles of Icy Twists (a lemonade ice block) and fewer Paddle Pops on the super hot days. The sugar level is questionable of course, but the canteen is not LCHF, so in the area of of hydration,  I am pleased to see the students making the wiser choice. All those health lessons are paying off!

The main thing one should drink when following an LCHF eating lifestyle is good old water. It is surprisingly refreshing and addictive. Yes, addictive. Once your body is used to you drinking water, it doesn’t want anything else. That doesn’t stop us from drinking other things though.

Strict LCHF lifestylers don’t drink diet drinks like sugar free soft drinks or sugar free cordials because of the artificial sweeteners. Remember we should be consuming real foods (and drinks), not things that are made in factories and are compounds designed to look and taste like food. Prior to starting our LCHF way of eating, we were avoiding chemicals & artificial sweeteners where possible & weren’t drinking diet soft drinks, drinking the full strength version, although not excessively. But full sugar isn’t weight loss friendly.  It’s kind of “pick your poison” situation – should you take a hit from the sugar or from the chemicals? My priority at this stage is weight loss, so for now I’m opting to take the chemical hit, even though I know it’s bad for me.

No fruit juice. Nope, nup, none,  zip, zero, zilch. Got that? Fruit juice is full of sugar – check out the nutrition panel on the label. It may be natural sugar, but it is still sugar and given that most fruits are off limits, it makes sense that the associated juices are also off limits.

Skip the milk – go for cream or coconut milk instead. You no longer need to feel bad about putting cream in your coffee. Although I have to say that I am quite impressed with the butter and coconut oil going into my morning bullet proof coffee. I much prefer that to just cream.

Tea & coffee are fine – just be wary of flavoured ones – check the nutrition panel if there is one or scan it into your My Fitness Pal app. Be careful with your coffee pods – they can have sugar added to them. If you buy coffee from a cafe or coffee van, don’t be afraid to ask if their coffee has sweeteners added. If they don’t know, then they shouldn’t be selling it.

So what about alcohol?

I’m not promoting drinking alcohol, but I know lots of us do it. I gave up for the first 10 weeks that I started following our LCHF way of eating. That was Term 3 at school, followed by 2 weeks of school holidays, which meant that I was also on holidays, so I allowed myself some drinks over the break. And  now, if I want a drink I have one.  But if my weight loss stalls, it will go again.

Know your drinks. If you haven’t done so already, download the free My Fitness Pal app & you can enter details or scan the barcode of what you are contemplating drinking  & find out the carb count so you can decide if you really want that drink or not. I was so determined to see the number on the scales decreasing that I didn’t want alcohol to get in the way.

Alcohol slows down weight loss as your body will use the alcohol for fuel before using your fat stores. When you eat LCHF, your body is using its fat stores as fuel. Alcohol is that pushy person who forces their way to the front of the line & insists on being noticed & used first – which can slow down your weight loss.

I’m not going to tell you to drink this or drink that – do your own research on this one. I’m not going to be responsible for turning any of you into soaks! Any alcoholic drinks I have are carb free and if they are mixed, they are with sugar free fizzy.

Water is still the best. No chemicals, no sugar, no carbs & we live in a country where it is plentiful & clean straight from the tap. Nothing to worry about.





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