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What About Snacks?

on December 14, 2015

Snacks come in handy when you first starting an LCHF lifestyle. I think we go Googling and recipe hunting to get meal ideas and stumble across snack ideas and want to make them all just so we can try them.

Once your body settles into LCHF mode, you will find you probably don’t need snacks. If you eat only when you are hungry, after a couple of weeks you won’t be looking for snacks out of hunger. You will be looking for something to eat in social situations. We are in a socially busy time of year and let’s face it, we Australians love to get together and have picky food with a few drinks. So what do you do?

Firstly, factor it into your day. If you usually eat a higher amount of carbs, drop them back during the day to give you a comfortable amount of carbs to eat at that bbq, party or just because.

Secondly, check out these ideas:

LCHF Snack Ideas

Top 10 LCHF Snack Recipes

Or do what I just did to get these links and go Googling.

What do I eat as snacks when I am feeling a bit picky?

  1. Cheese crisps – take a couple of pieces of sliced cheese (the real stuff, not the plastic cheese), cut them into quarters and bake on baking paper in the oven (I always bake at 180 degrees) for round 10 minutes. Once cooled they will be crunchy and you can use them as chips for chip ‘n’ dip or even eat them on their own. You can season them with virtually anything you have in your spice rack. They will keep for a few days in the pantry. If you are a taco lover, bake whole slices or handfuls of grated cheese on baking paper and when you remove them from the oven, roll into taco shell shape and voila! LCHF taco shells!
  2. Bacon Crisps– similar to cheese crisps, but you are cutting bacon into cracker sized pieces and baking them until they are crispy enough to not bend when you pick them up. I haven’t made them for a while but I think it took about 20 minutes. Don’t go too far away from your oven just in case I am wrong. You don’t want to come back and find them burnt or dehydrated. Once cooled, they will keep for a day or two on the shelf.
  3. Dips– I don’t make a lot of dips as I don’t snack much, but simple dips can be made by combining (softened) cream cheese and herbs and spices. They are unintentionally LCHF. So if you are heading off to a party and you want to have some control over what you eat, why not pick up a packet of Philly cheese and some chives or basil or parsley or other herb to mix through.
  4. Nuts– Almonds, walnuts, macadamias. They have the good type of fat in them. They also have lots of calories, so if you find your weight loss is slowing, you may need to ease up on the nuts and other snacks.
  5. Bacon– Roll up a few pieces of bacon, insert a toothpick into each to hold it in place and bake in the oven until it’s cooked as far as you like your bacon.
  6. Cheese– I like to come home from work and eat a slice of cheese or two, to keep my tummy happy until dinner time. Explore the cheeses in your supermarket – most have “less than 1 gram” of both carbohydrates and sugar listed in the nutrition panel. Or I’ll have a handful of nuts. I don’t eat lunch on work days & only sometimes on weekends, so usually find that at 4pm I am looking for something. Whatever I have then tides me over until dinner time.
  7. Pork Crackling– Yes, really. Pieces of pork crackling can be eaten on their own (I had some from the food court for lunch in Tamworth) or you can use them as chips or crackers for dips. As can the cheese crisps and bacon crisps.

I’m sure there are more snacks, but these are the ones that came to mind. You may find some other snacks. Be a label reader if you are looking for snacks other than those listed above. Make sure you are aware of how many grams of carbs and sugar you are consuming.

And remember, ONLY EAT IF YOU ARE HUNGRY!!!!




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