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LCHF Breakfast Ideas

on December 13, 2015

Every day I have bacon and eggs fried in butter, for breakfast.

Early on in the piece I was adding sliced mushrooms in a creamy sauce (made by pouring some thickened cream into the pan and allowing it to reduce and thicken), baby spinach and the occasional piece of haloumi cheese. Delicious! Then I got lazy, as one does, and dropped it back.

So what happens if you are bored with having plain old bacon and eggs every day?

You need other breakfast ideas.

That’s where good old Google comes out to play again.

Have a look at the following links to see if there’s something there you would like to try.

  1. Authority Nutrition Breakfast Ideas
  2. Low Carb Breakfast Ideas
  3. Food24 Top 50 LCHF Meals

Yes, most of them contain eggs. Eggs are a staple food in this way of eating. If you want egg-free breakfasts, try this website/blog.

For the record, I have started to add butter as well as coconut oil to coffee in the mornings. Bullet Proof Coffee!!!! After writing about it the other day, I decided I would try the full thing! I don’t use a blender, but stir it really fast with a spoon for probably 60 – 90 seconds until you can see the difference once the whirlpool slows. Mine looks like a white coffee that only has a small amount of milk (but I have only added coconut oil and butter). It is really yummy! Those who are really full on with this lifestyle use organic coffee, but I just use Robert Timms or whatever coffee is in the pantry.

bullet proof coffee

Give it a go and let me know what  you think.





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